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Human Rights, Equality and Public Spending Cuts

Cuts to public spending are likely to disproportionately affect the most vulnerable and disadvantaged in our society. It is therefore important to analyse very carefully what the impact of multiple cuts by a range of different agencies are likely to be on affected groups and individuals.

The Centre’s work in this field includes:

• Undertaking our own analysis of the human rights and equality impact of the spending cuts on vulnerable groups and individuals

• Examining the analysis undertaken by public authorities and suggesting how it can be enhanced.

• Developing resources to help civil society groups, legal practitioners, public authorities and trade unions in their future actions with regard to public spending decisions

• Creating spaces for dialogues between public authorities and affected groups and individuals about public spending decisions.




circle bullet Assessing the equality and human rights impact of spending cuts in Coventry

Since 2010, The Centre for Human Rights in Practice (CHRP) and Coventry Women's Voices (CWV) have been undertaking a joint project to assess the human rights and equality impacts of the public spending cuts. For more information please click here.

circle_bullet.jpg The Access to Justice Project and ESRC Collaborative Studentship Investigating Cuts and Changes to Legal Advice Services

Since 2011, The Centre has been monitoring the impact of legal aid cuts on vulnerable groups. For more infomration on the access to justice project please click here. For more information on the ESRC Studentship please click here.

circle bullet ESRC Collaborative Studentship Investigating the Impact of Welfare Reform

The Centre for Human Rights in Practice has an ESRC-Funded Collaborative PhD examing the impact of welfare reform, particularly on the most vulnerable and disadvantaged. This PhD will build upon the Centre's approaches and methodologies in its previous equality and human rights impact assessment work.

circle_bullet.jpg Resources for Undertaking Human Rights and Equality Analysis of the Public Spending Cuts

The Centre has woked with a range of civil society groups, legal practitioners, trade unions and public authorities on impact assessment processes. We catalogue this work here. We have also created an extensive database of resources to assist groups and individuals who want to undertake their own analysis of the public spending cuts.


For more information about this project or any of these activities please contact James Harrison: J dot Harrison dot 3 at warwick dot ac dot uk