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Death Penalty Project

The Death Penalty Project consists of:

Death Penalty Internship Programme

The Death Penalty Internship Programme is a unique opportunity for “hands-on” exposure of legal work involving the common law system of the United States of America, which also encompasses diverse areas of criminal justice, medical law and human rights. The duration of the internship is two months and the student can expect to work on: United States legal research, manage case files, contribute to the briefs filed in state and federal courts, interview witnesses and jurors in appeals cases and visit prisons, including death row.

Continuing Support Programme

The Continuing Support Programme (running 2015/2016) aims to assist US attorneys with their on-going work on capital cases in a number of different ways. Students are organised in teams in order to provide analysis and research to help those lawyers working for clients who are faced by the death penalty. Active participation in the continuing support programme is a precondition for all applicants to the death penalty internship.

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