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Death Penalty Attorney Support Programme

We are now recruiting! - Deadline 16th October 2015

What is the Death Penalty Project?

This is an Anti-Death Penalty pro bono group that remotely assists Attorneys with their work on capital cases in a variety of different ways. It allows students in the UK the opportunity to help those fighting against capital punishment in their research. The project began in October 2008 and is now on its 8th year! This year’s Project leaders are Paige Campbell and Izzy Perrin. We have unique experience having attended Amicus training. Paige has also been on the Death Penalty Internship, and we both have insight in what is required for this incredible experience.

Do I have to be a law student?

No! We encourage students from all subjects to get involved – even those scientists who claim they can’t write. We only require you to the enthusiastic, capable of googling, and willing to spend time scrolling through cases to extract the required information.

Why should I be part of the project?

We hope the most persuading reason is your genuine enthusiasm and want to end the death penalty. But our project also looks great on your CV, whether you’re interested in pursuing a legal career or not, it shows unique interest in another field. We are one of the only Universities running such a project, so it will certainly make you stand out.

The other key reason to join is the unique Death Penalty Internship, whereby you travel to the U.S. to undertake intern work under a capital punishment Attorney. This could lead to many exciting possibilities such as meeting those on death row, or working on a specific big case. To be considered for the Death Penalty Internship you are required to have taken part in this Remote Assistance Project.

How do I join?

All you need to do is email your name, course, year and languages spoken. If you want to apply for a group leader or fundraising officer, please complete the relevant form found in the link below and email to the same address. The deadline for applications is the 16th October 2015.

Who performs the work?

The student volunteers! The project is entirely student run, and all the work is performed by our dedicated volunteers, and then checked by the group leaders. As long as you’re enthusiastic and willing, the work you do will be okay. A common problem is that volunteers feel too pressured by the fact that their work may affect a life or death case that they end up not doing the work at all. But your work is first checked by your group leader, and then by us, the leaders of the project. So don’t fret! We will make sure everything is okay.

What projects do we do?

We do a variety of projects from case summarisation, to research. Our volunteer’s work really help the charities and attorneys that we assist. Only a few years ago, our research was used as evidence in a U.S. court case. Moreover, the research the project did in 2014 on migrant workers has helped Reprieve support their plight against the death penalty.

This academic year (2015/2016), we will be working very closely with three American Attorneys, as well as Reprieve and The World Coalition against the Death Penalty. It will mainly involve researching numbers of those on trial in certain countries by reading articles, and searching for population censuses.

The Project group is open to further suggestions from Attorneys as to any further work that would be of assistance.

How can I get further information about the project?

This is simple! The main people to contact are Paige Campbell and Izzy Perrin, this year’s project leaders. Primarily we usually use email, but any questions, queries or even possible work opportunities can be communicated via any of the following channels:

Useful links for more information on the death penalty