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Human Rights in Practice Module




Human Rights in Practice is an undergraduate module offered by the Law School and is taught by both Andrew Williams and James Harrison. The module is unique in that it is directed towards understanding the legal framework of human rights in the UK and beyond of their relevance and practical implications for identified communities such as school children, asylum seekers, the elderly etc. An explicit objective of the module is to design and implement a practical project to promote awareness, understanding and or evaluation of specific rights in a community context.




The course involves the following key elements:


1. Understanding the legal and moral framework of human rights in both the UK and internationally

2. Applying this understanding to the practical and social contexts within which human rights are involved.

3. Reflecting on this experience in the form of a portfolio which will be submitted at the end of the course.


The course aims to help students discover:


1. The potential human rights holds for addressing social issues

2. The limits of human rights discourse and of legal and other forms of action in upholding particular rights.


The course encourages development of the following skills:


1. To work effectively as part of a group (projects are undertaken in groups but students receive individual marks on the basis of their portfolios)

2. To engage with a diverse range of actors from beyond the university

3. To plan effectively taking into account resources and constraints

4. To work in an environment where there are no clear 'answers' or pre-determined strategies for success

5. You be able to reflect upon plans and actions and recognise successes and failures.


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