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Past Projects Archive


Anti-Discrimination Project 

In partnership with Coventry Law Centre, Warwick students helped to deliver advice and information sessions to the local community on issues of discrimination and law. In 2007-8 students assisted in helping nearly 300 clients. This was part of a campaign (see details at which expanded eventually into:

  • Delivering awareness raising workshops for community organizations
  • Providing advice to individuals regarding the general legal provisions of law in this respect
  • Liaising with advice agencies, particularly the Coventry Law Centre, to provide advice
  • Advising and reporting to advice agencies generally on the strategies for making the public aware of their rights in this field

Students worked closely with the Law Centre staff but were supervised generally by Law School members and are provided with suitable training in both the appropriate law and skills.

Annual reports available here:

(Word Document) 2007 (Word Document) 2008


Community Justice Project

The Community Justice Project was established in October 2006. It operated as a vehicle for community human rights initiatives where students and academics worked with organisations outside the University on human rights related issues. The Project developed a research programme, in association with the Sociology Department and Coventry Law Centre, funded by the Equality and Human Rights Commission, into discovering barriers to access to human rights advice.


Immigration Project

The project included three inter-related projects concerning matters of immigration and asylum law:

1. Coventry Law Centre Assistance Project

Volunteers assisted with:

  • Interviewing clients with immigration issues
  • Drafting of specific documents for tribunal hearings and relevant research
  • Attending tribunal hearings

2. One World Drop-In Project

Volunteers worked with the Drop-in centre in Coventry to help review failed aslyum claims

3. Immigration Research Project

Volunteers helped conduct general research into issues of law and policy vital to asylum claimants

Annual Report:

(Word Document) 2009-10

Rights to Protest Project

This project engaged in a research and advocacy campaign based on the deterioration of the right to protest following various pieces of UK legislation. It required students to find out what is happening on the ground and also to investigate the law. This information was then presented to the public for an improvement in the rights associated with legitimate protest.