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Introducing Ripple

The RIPPLE project involves Coventry Law Centre in providing public legal education rooted in and informed by casework practice. RIPPLE will be based on the establishment of a series of groups of users of Adult Social Care services and their carers. CLC will nurture a rights based culture by working with the groups to identify issues that are of current concern and explore whether there may be legal solutions e.g. by analysing Adult Social Care budgets and policies, supporting them in responding to consultations and challenging individual and policy decisions where there are relevant legal rights in play.This will offer the opportunity to maximise the opportunity for the identification of systemic issues which, if addressed, have the potential for benefitting a whole community or interest group.

The project will be managed by Karen Ashton. Karen specialises in public law and human rights work, mainly in a social welfare context. She has particular experience in the community care and health fields, having specialised in this area for 20 years. Karen is a peer reviewer in Community Care for the Legal Aid Agency, is an experienced trainer, delivering courses regularly for Legal Action and Carers UK and writes for a number of specialist legal journals.

Karen has already established one user group in Birmingham and so has practical experience of how public legal education rooted in and informed by casework practice in this area of law can make an impact. Further groups will be formed organically and be clustered around shared interests. Coventry Law Centre anticipate establishing approximately 4 active groups initially, around shared interests.

The Role of the Volunteer

The role for the volunteer would be to attend group meetings (anticipate a half day for each group initially) and the groups would meet monthly to begin with. The volunteer would take notes at the meetings and would write these up to send out to the group. There would also be opportunities to scrutinise local authority consultations or to respond to needs assessments. Meetings could be arranged to fit the timetable of the successful applicant.

There would be an expectation that the overall time commitment to be between 2 and 4 days per month.

Applicants should submit a short CV (maximum 2 pages) and 150 word covering letter explaining why they want to volunteer at the Law Centre and why they should be chosen. You are welcome to apply for this opportunity and the volunteering opportunity with the asylum and immigration team if you wish, in which case please make two different applications (you will only be chosen for one). Applications should be sent by email to James Harrison at

The deadline for submission of CV and covering letter is Tuesday 13th October at 2.00pm. We will let you know of the process for selecting the successful applicant in due course.