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YOU*th Inspire



YOU*th Inspire is an educational initiative targeted at young people between the ages of 11-18 from wider participation backgrounds. The project seeks to inspire youths to engage with issues of law, human rights, politics and current affairs; to enlighten them to realise their potential to make meaningful change within their community, the wider society and the world overall.

The project has the ultimate aim to empower young people to speak out and challenge ongoing injustices important to them, whether local, national or international. It is intended that the consequences of an enlightened, aware and passionate-for-change community will act as a beacon of hope for those suffering; nurturing for them a belief in the possibility of change through solidarity and activism and for us nurturing a fight for this cause. It is this message of inspiration and change which YOU*th Inspire seeks to champion through unlocking the potential of our youth.

It should be noted that this scheme was born out of a project created through the Human Rights in Practice module. The project was launched fully last year at Warwick and within six months was shortlisted for Best New Pro Bono activity at the Attorney General Pro Bono Awards 2010 where it recieved a high commendation award. The vision for the project in its second year is to diversify beyond Warwick and to be adopted as a project into other universities' pro bono or volunteer schemes.

For more information please visit our website here or contact YOU*th Inspire's Director; Zeenat Islam at