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The Centre for Human Rights in Practice has a strong history of engagement with the issue of protest. In 2015, the Centre initiated the first university 'summit on protest' to bring together protest groups, student representatives, university management and police and security staff representatives to discuss protest issues on the university of Warwick Campus. The videos and reports of that process are all available here. 

The Centre also produces the online magazine Lacuna. Lacuna challenges indifference to suffering and promotes human rights. Its aim is to fill the gap between the short-term immediacy of daily journalism and long-term academic analysis. Protest has been a strong theme of the magazine from its first edition. You can read a range of different Lacuna protest pieces here including investgative journalism, poetry, philosophy and art.

In Ocotober 2015, Lacuna put out a call for submissions on the theme of protest (follow this link to see the call). From 10 February 2016, we will be publishing the best submissions we received, starting with an installment focusing on environmental protest. This will be available on the Lacuna Homepage.

Over the next couple of months, we will be asking questions about the nature of protest and of its role in society today. What are the wrongs that provoke our anger and how do we take action in response? What makes protest in all of its forms enticing, legitimate, rewarding, fruitful, or indeed frustrating…? As well as being the focus in Lacuna over the coming weeks, these debates will continue at a series of events being organised under the banner of ‘Protest and Performance Week,’ taking place at Warwick University in the week of 14th March. Many of our Lacuna authors will be talking about their work, alongside film, comedy and theatre productions. All are very welcome to attend. For further details, please follow this link.