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Public Session

TTIP: Friend or Foe?
Facing the Facts and Fiction on the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership and Other Investment Agreements

Tuesday, 3 May 2016
5pm – 6.30pm

R.0.0.3, Ramphal Building, Library Road, University of Warwick
(followed by a drinks reception at the Ramphal Foyer)

EU USA Flags

US and EU Flags: Photo courtesy of openDemocracy


  • Ms Ruth Bergan, Coordinator, Trade Justice Movement UK
  • Dr Lorenzo Cotula, Principal Researcher, Law and Sustainable Development, International Institute for Environment and Development
  • Dr Manuel Montes, Senior Advisor on Finance and Development, South Centre, Geneva
  • Mr Wong Chen, Member of Parliament, Malaysia

Chair: Dr James Harrison, Associate Professor, Warwick Law School

The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) is an economic agreement that is currently being negotiated between the European Union and the United States. Proponents of TTIP argue that it will generate more trade, promote investment and ultimately create greater wealth, economic growth and jobs in member states. Critics argue that the TTIP will have negative impacts on national industries, lower health, environmental and labour standards, and put public provision of essential services at risk.

The investment chapter of TTIP has generated particular controversy, due to concerns that its provisions might enable foreign investors to sue governments over public-interest measures that, while pursuing socially desirable environmental, public health, labour or economic goals, would adversely affect their business operations.

This event will bring together academic, civil society, political and intergovernmental voices to discuss the myths and realities surrounding the investment chapter of TTIP and other international investment treaties.

Come and find out more about what the TTIP is, how it will work, what the problems are with it, what the impacts are of other similar treaties around the world, and how you can get involved to influence decision-making on it.

The event will be followed by a networking reception where you have a chance to speak to participants of the Workshop Rethinking International Investment Law: Civic Advocacy, Representation and Participation in the International Investment Regime.

This event is free of charge but please register your interest here.

Directions on how to get to Warwick University can be found here. Interactive and downloadable maps of campus can also be found here.

For further details, please contact: globe dot events at warwick dot ac dot uk

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