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Conference fees:

21 April 2016 (Wolfson Research Exchange) - Half day - £10

22 April 2016 (Radcliffe House)- Full day including lunch - £45

22 April 2016 (Radcliffe House) - Half day excluding lunch - £20

23 April 2016 (Radcliffe House) - Half day including lunch - £35

23 April 2016 (Radcliffe House - Half day excluding lunch - £20

21-23 April - £90

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Amongst the participants will be internationally renowned academics with substantial research records in law, governance, development and social justice:

Shaheen Ali, Upendra Baxi, Jill Cottrell, Peter Fitzpatrick, Yash Ghai, Anne Hellum, Ambreena Manji, Shirin Rai, Issa Shivji, Ann Stewart, William Twining,

Call for Papers:

Papers are invited in relation to the themes set out below. The number of spaces is limited. Please present abstracts of approximately 200 words by 21 November 2015.

Submissions to:


The symposium is an initiative of the School of Law, but is designed as an inter-disciplinary project in the areas of development, governance and social justice. We have received support from the Global Research Priorities Group on International Development, the Globe Centre on Global Governance, and the departments of Sociology and Politics and International Studies at the University of Warwick.