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Session 2

Full provisional programmes are also available on the relevant stream/theme pages.

Room Stream / Theme Conveners / Author(s)
  Administrative Justice Richard Kirkham
S0.28 The boundaries and accountability of administrative justice  
  The Changing Boundary between Criminal Justice and Administrative Justice: The Case of Sanctions Michael Adler
  “Leave your club jersey at the committee room door”: Irish Parliamentary accountability systems in the shadow of the Banking Crisis Fiona Donson
  Challenging Ownership: Meanings, Space and Identity Penny English, Francis King, Sarah Blandy
S2.12 Housing and Mental Health Panel Discussion Joint with Mental Health
  Panel: Nick Hopkins, Sarah Nield, Christopher Bevan and Warren Barr  
  Children's Rights Helen Stalford
R3.41 Understanding the Scope and Impact of Children’s Rights of Autonomy  
  Seen and Still Not Heard? The Lived Realities of Children and Young People's Participation in Ireland in their Homes, Schools and Communities. Aisling Parkes
  Conceptualising children’s rights around participation in elite sport Eleanor Drywood
  Civil Procedure and Alternatives to Litigation, ADR Masood Ahmed
  Rhetoric and Civil Justice: A commentary on the promotion of mediation without conviction in England and Wales Debbie De Girolamo
  QOCS quirks and the quixotic quid pro quo’: Qualified One-Way Costs Shifting and Access to Justice John Bates
  The Protection of Human Rights by the Judge in the Civil Procedure in Mexico Amalia Patricia Cobos Campos, Enrique Antonio Carrete Solís, Carlos Severiano Díaz Rey
  'Lies, damned lies and... strike-outs’: Access to justice and the new duty to strike out ‘fundamentally dishonest’ claims in their entirety John Bates
  Criminal Law and Criminal Justice Vanessa Bettinson, Ben Livings
  A retort to Norrie: Derrida, Law, and the ‘socio-historical.’ Chris Lloyd
  Counterterrorism as Authoritarian Legalism – Trends, Logic, and Form of UK Counterterrorism Law Christos Boukalas
  Re-imagining the minimum age of Criminal responsibility: Opportunities and Challenges in Transition Dwyer
  Gender, Sexuality and Law Chris Ashford, Alex Dymock
R1.13 Queering kinship?: the law of intimate relationships  

  White West Knows Best? Critical Feminist Perspectives on Polygamous Marriage in the English Courts Zainhab Naqvi
  Strategies to achieve Same-Sex Marriage and the Method of Incrementalist Change Frances Hamilton
  International Criminal Justice: Theory, Policy and Practice Anna Marie Brennan
  “The Prosecution of Sexual and Gender-Based Crimes at the International Criminal Court: Obstacles and Chances” Barbel Schmidt

  “Charging Sexual Violence as Torture under the Rome Statute: Are the Geneva Conventions a Useful Tool for Prosecuting Sexual Violence Today?” Sarah Creedon
  International Economic Law: Governing Markets in Context Celine Tan, Guiliano Castellano, Stephen Connelly
S0.17 International Financial Law and Regulation  
  Sharing, Ranking, Matching, and Pricing: A Socio-Psychological Perspective on EU Financial Regulators Genevieve Helleringer, Giuliano Castellano
  Certainty in Uncertain Times: Conflicting Visions of the European Project Dania Thomas, Maren Heidemann
  Law and Finance in Emerging Economies: The Case of Germany 1800-1913 Carsten Gerner-Buerle
  Labour Law Michael Jefferson, Sam Middlemiss
  EU Labour Law Michael Doherty
  Enforcement of EU migrant workers’ rights Amy Ludlow, Catherine Barnard
  Responsive Law and gender inequality Amanda Viriri
  Law and Literature Julia J.A. Shaw
  From homo economicus to homo roboticus: law and the posthuman Julia J.A. Shaw
  Remember Madness: Aesthetics of Justice on the Streets of Gotham Thomas Giddens
  Exploring alternatives to Justitia with Eowyn and Niobe: on gender, race and the legal Patricia Branco
  Mental Health and Mental Capacity Law Peter Bartlett
S2.12 Housing and Mental Health Panel Joint with Challenging Ownership
  Panel: Nick Hopkins, Sarah Nield, Christopher Bevan and Warren  
  Registering Registration Julie McCandless, Ed Kirton-Darling
R2.41 Hiding and Revealing  
  What's in a birth? Julie McCandless
  Making land liquid: registration of title as technology of dispossession Sarah Keenan
  Recording marriages Rebecca Probert
  Regulatory registers: unwinding the list and the strike-through Marie-Andree Jacob
  Renewing Critique in Criminal Justice Henrique Carvalho
  The Preventive Turn in Criminal Justice: From Liberal Imagination to Neoliberal Insecurity Henrique Carvalho
  Holding Responsible and Taking Responsibility Craig Reeves
  Criminal Justice and the Blaming Relation Alan Norrie
  Sentencing and Punishment Gavin Dingwall
  'Consuming Identities: Karsten Kaltoft, obesity and the criminal construction of the addict' Simon Flacks
  Sexual Offences and Offending Phil Rumney
  Protecting the Therapeutic Space: Why victims’ counselling records should be excluded from historic child sexual abuse trials Sinéad Ring
  Regulating prostitution: an assessment of different legal regimes on the different dimensions of women’s opportunities for self-determination Nicolle Zeegers
  Exploring Legal Borderlands: Empirical and Interdisciplinary Approaches Naomi Creutzfeldt, Petra Mahy
S0.19 Legal Consciousness  
  Exploring the borderlands of European Legal Culture: A comparative Study of Collective legal consciousness in the UK, Poland and Bulgaria Marc Hertogh, Marina Kurkchiyan
  Legal Consciousness and formal-informal borderlands in Indonesia Petra Mahy
  What do we expect from an ombudsman? European narratives of everyday engagement with the informal justice system Naomi Creutzfeldt
  Rethinking Surrogacy Laws Debra Wilson, Rhonda Powell
S0.08 Issues in International Surrogacy  
  Exploitation in International Paid Surrogacy Arrangements Stephen Wilkinson
  Commercial vs altruistic surrogacy- a principled or imperceptible distinction? Debra Wilson
  Law and Justice in Colonies and 'Post'-Colonies Raza Saeed
  Between ‘Activism’ and ‘Pragmatism’: The changing narrative of Public Interest Litigation in India and Judicial Meanderings of the Supreme Court Jhuma Sen
  Study of the Application of the Doctrine of Stare-‐Decisis in Some Islamic Law Cases in Northern Nigeria Ahmed Salisu Garba
  Culture Clash, Peace and World Order Nwudego Nkemakonam. Chhinwuba
  Election Dispute Resolution and the Question of Justice in Nigeria Muiz Banire
  Government Policies, Culture and Surrogacy in West Africa: Issues Arising Dennis Odigie
  Refugee and Asylum Law: Theory, Policy and Practice Dallal Stevens
S0.11 Comparative International Refugee Protection (2)  
  ‘Democratic or autocratic regime? The paradox of Ghanaian refugees’ Cristiano D’Orsi
  ‘From refugee producing to refugee receiving countries – A comparative study of asylum policies and practices in Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina’ Selma Porobic, Drago Zuparic-Iljic