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Session 3

Full provisional programmes are also available on the relevant stream/theme pages.

Room Stream / Theme Conveners / Author(s)
  Administrative Justice Richard Kirkham
S0.28 Questions on the ombudsman enterprise  
  The Prisons and Probation Ombudsman and Holding Persons to Account following a Death in Prison Custody in England and Wales: A Critical Analysis Christopher Sargeant
  Taking stock: what is the private sector ombudsman model? Chris Gill, Carolyn Hirst
  The use of informal resolution approaches by ombudsmen in the UK and Ireland: A mapping study Margaret Doyle, Varda Bondy
  Art, Culture and Heritage Janet Ulph, Charlotte Woodhead
R1.03 Cultural Heritage: Rights, Remedies and the Role of the State  
  Is there a need for an Arbitration Institute to facilitate Alternative Dispute Resolutions in the Art World? Mounia Chadlia
  State Responsibility for the Breach of International Cultural Heritage Obligations Andrzej Jakubowski
  Art, Culture and Heritage Post-Conflict and Divided Societies: A Minority Rights Perspective Elizabeth Craig
  Banking and Finance Clare Chambers (now Jones), Mary Young
S0.08 Global banking, regulation and corporate governance  
  Hunting for content and scope: long-term interests in the company directors’ decision-making processes. Katarzyna Chalaczkiewicz-Ladna
  Corporate Failures and Managing Personality Risks in Corporate Governance: The Role of the State. Ngozi Okoye
  Missing pieces in the EU derivatives regulation puzzle Tatjana Nikitina
  Challenging Ownership: Meanings, Space and Identity Penny English, Francis King, Sarah Blandy
S2.12 Property, Rights and the Body  
  Recognising Property Rights in Human Materials Neil Maddox
  Out of time and out of place – unraveling the deaths of homeless people Helen Carr
  Children's Rights Helen Stalford
R3.41 Accommodating Best Interests: Tensions and Potential Solutions  
  Lessons in Valuing Children: Conflicts of Interests, “Best Interests”, Rights, and School Exclusion Lucinda Ferguson
  Becoming tyrannous? A capabilities approach to best interests assessments Michael Thomson
  Islamic States rebuff The Hague Abduction Convention: Justified explanations or just excuses? Nazia Yaqub
  Criminal Law and Criminal Justice Vanessa Bettinson, Ben Livings
S0.20   Joint with Mental Health
  Criminal Responsibility and Adolescent Development: A Neuroscientific Perspective Hannah Wishart
  Legal capacity and impaired self-control: a study of approaches to anorexia nervosa and alcohol addiction across personal decisions and criminal acts Jillian Craigie
  An issue of intersectionality? Hate crime and mental condition defences John Rumbold
  Gender, Sexuality and Law Chris Ashford, Alex Dymock
R1.13 Crime  
  Sexual Intimacy, Gender History and the Criminal Law Alexandra Sharpe
  Responsible mothers and battered women: Mothers who fail to protect their children and the criminalisation of vulnerability. Sarah Singh
  The Implementation of Feminist Law Reforms: The Case of Post-Provocation Sentencing Rosemary Hunter, Danielle Tyson
  Information Technology Law and Cyberspace Brian Simpson, Mark O'Brien
  ‘Technological solutions to privacy questions: what is the role of law?’ Maria Helen Murphy
  ‘The Territoriality and Extraterritoriality of EU/US Data Protection and National Security Law’ Willie Mbioh
  ‘The Anarchist Netbook: Legal and Community Regulation in the Deep Web’ Mark O'Brien
  International Criminal Justice: Theory, Policy and Practice Anna Marie Brennan
  Does the International Criminal Court Deter Torture? Yvonne Dutton, Eamon Aloyo, Lindsay Heger
  “Targeted Killing and Characterisation of Remote Warfare under International Humanitarian Law” Anthony Cullen
  “General Principles of Law as a Source of International Criminal Law” Noelle Higgins
  Labour Law Michael Jefferson, Sam Middlemiss
  Occupational safety Paul Almond
  Workplace injuries among Chinese seafarers Desai Shan
  Child labour in S. Asia Trivikram Nayak, Shashank Sheakar
  Lawyers and Legal Professions Andy Boon
  Rising to the top: Women Solicitors in the UK Nicola Zoumidou

  Branding, Marketing and the New Entrepreneurial Barrister Atalanta Goulandris
  Work experience for non-traditional aspirant entrants in the legal profession: revelation or maintenance of status quo? Elaine Freer
  Mental Health and Mental Capacity Law Peter Bartlett
S0.20   Joint with Criminal Law and Criminal Justice
  Criminal Responsibility and Adolescent Development: A Neuroscientific Perspective Hannah Wishart
  Legal capacity and impaired self-control: a study of approaches to anorexia nervosa and alcohol addiction across personal decisions and criminal acts Jillian Craigie
  An issue of intersectionality? Hate crime and mental condition defences John Rumbold

  Race, Religion and Human Rights Fernne Brennan
S1.14 Multiculturalism and Human Rights  
  The Cultural Concept of “Incompatibility in Lineage” and the Rights of Women in Saudi Arabia. Adal Almoammar
  British Muslim women: Pursuing divorce in a multicultural society, in light of human rights and religion Islam Uddin
  'Living Together' after SAS v France: Interculturalism or Assimilation? Stephanie Berry
  Exploring Legal Borderlands: Empirical and Interdisciplinary Approaches Naomi Creutzfeldt, Petra Mahy
S0.19 Methods and Actors  
  Should we aim to generalize or to compare (or do both)? Mike Adler
  Law and legality, consciousness and technicality: interdisciplinary, methodology and (socio)legal studies Dave Cowan, Dan Wincott
  Too trifling to be significant’ – moving boundaries of ‘permitted work’ in claims for incapacity benefits across the twentieth century Jackie Gulland
  Rethinking Surrogacy Laws Debra Wilson, Rhonda Powell
S0.10 Surrogacy Workshop: Networking and Collaboration Opportunities  
  Old dilemmas, new controversies: Children in international adoption and global surrogacy Gabriela Misca
  Law and Justice in Colonies and 'Post'-Colonies Raza Saeed
  Post-colonial intervention: Victim Participation at the International Criminal Court – the real at The Hague and the impossibility to symbolize trauma Gianna Magdalena Schlichte
  Looking Backward for the Future of the Right to Development: Communitarian is as the ‘Old Wine in a New Bottle’ Salim Bashir Magashi
  Public trust in policing in Hong Kong Maggy Lee, Michael Adorjan
  Culture Clash, Peace and World Order Nwudego Nkemakonam. Chhinwuba
  Sea Level Changes, Resource Losses and Implications for Communal and Socio-political Conflicts around the Coastal Slum Areas of Lagos, Nigeria Alabi Soneye
  From Ancient to Modernity: Uneasy Transformation of the Culture of British West Africa and Unending Tensions Amos Enabulele
  World Order: Understanding the Interlock of Custom, Culture and Religion as a Fundamental Tool of achieving Peace Nwudego Chinwuba
  Refugee and Asylum Law: Theory, Policy and Practice Dallal Stevens
S0.11 Historical Perspectives on Refugee Protection and ‘Burden-Sharing’  
  ‘From informal to formal burden-sharing: an alternative insight into the early development of refugee law and international forms of cooperation’ Paolo Biondi
  The historical background to Article 31(1) of the 1951 Refugee Convention from a UK perspective’ Yewa Holiday
  ‘The Dublin Regulation: Balancing efficiency and individual protection’ Harriet Gray
  International Economic Law: Governing Markets in Context Celine Tan, Guiliano Castellano, Stephen Connelly
S0.17 Finance and Corporate Governance  
  When Overseeing Becomes Overlooking: The Post-GFC Reconfigurations of International Finance Stephen Connelly
  Drawing a Synergy between Theory and Practice: A Move towards a More Stakeholder-Oriented Regulatory Framework for Modern Islamic Finance Institutions Sheharyar Hamid
  Between the State and Market: Sovereign Wealth Funds and Transnational Regulation in South-East Asia Celine Tan
  Registering Registration Julie McCandless, Ed Kirton-Darling
R2.41 Secrecy, privacy and addressing 'the public'  
  “Anyone can register a death, well, within reason” Ed Kirton-Darling
  The changing identity of title registration data: from record to resource Victoria Moss
  Registration “below the waterline”: public review of secret surveillance Bernard Keenan
  Renewing Critique in Criminal Justice Henrique Carvalho
  The Law of Crowds Illan rua Wall
  Criminalizing protest: silencing disputes over property, public space and natural resources in so-called postconflict scenarios Maria C Olarte
  “Innocence charged with guilt”: The criminalisation of protest from Peterloo to Millbank Nadine El-Enany
  Para-nomic, Ec-nomic, A-nomic: Art Between Law and Lawlessness Julia Chryssostalis