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Session 4

Full provisional programmes are also available on the relevant stream/theme pages.

Room Stream / Theme Conveners / Author(s)
  Administrative Justice Richard Kirkham
R0.28 Empirical studies on administrative justice  
  Homelessness Internal Reviews: Comparisons and Contrasts since 1997 Dave Cowan, Simon Halliday, Caroline Hunter, Abi Dymond
  Bureaucratic Legal Consciousness and Government Officials' Moral Ideals: The Role of Truth Verification and Information Processing in Affecting Bureaucratic System Goals and Substantive Justice Sally Richards
  Immigration judicial reviews: some empirical data Robert Thomas
  Art, Culture and Heritage Janet Ulph, Charlotte Woodhead
R1.03 Art and Heritage: Concepts and Responses  
  Economies of permitted images: exploring the justification for the ban on photography in courts Linda Mulcahy
  Disabled Dance: Grounding the Practice in the Law of ‘Cultural Heritage’ Charlotte Waelde, Shawn Harmon, Abbe Brown
  From Local to World Heritage Sophie Vigneron
  Banking and Finance Clare Chambers (now Jones), Mary Young
S0.08 The historical business of banking, and challenges faced in modern banking  
  Islamic Finance within a Global Economy: Towards a Common Sustainable Future Hanaan Balala
  Are Virtual Currencies actually Currencies? If not, what are they? Henry Hillman
  Bargaining with ‘Octopus tentacles’: the Bank of England’s branches and the first English joint stock banks Iain Frame

  Executive Remuneration Reform in Banks and Beyond: Servant of Two Masters? Andreas Kokkinis

  Challenging Ownership: Meanings, Space and Identity Penny English, Francis King, Sarah Blandy
S2.12 Property Rights on the Home  
  Finding the Way Home Adam Ramshaw
  Retiring Property: A Radical Approach to Ownership Sean Thomas, Paolo Vargiu
  Adult Social Care and Property Rights Brian Sloan
  Children's Rights Helen Stalford
R3.41 Protecting Children from Harm: Legal and Methodological Strategies  
  A Successful Case of Planning on Children’s Rights Azadeh Chalabi
  Children's wishes and feelings about parental harm: Ascertaining the unascertainable? Vanessa Richardson
  Childhood Obesity: A Case of Parental Neglect or State Failure? Naomi Salmon
  Criminal Law and Criminal Justice Vanessa Bettinson, Ben Livings
S0.20 Gender and the Courts  
  Establishing Credibility in Criminal Court: A Case Study of Domestic Abuse Case Tatiana Tkacukova, Isabel Picornell
  Building a discrete offence of domestic abuse upon the foundations of coercive control Vanessa Bettinson, Charlotte Bishop
  A critique on the influence of the "New Abolitionist Movement" on human trafficking discourse Elizabeth Faulkner
  Family Law and Policy Vanessa Bettinson, Ben Livings
R1.15 Some theoretical and international perspectives on family law issues  
  Relational autonomy and spousal agreements in the Supreme Court of Canada: How much difference does a theory make? Lucy-Ann Buckley
  High-conflict Post Separation Disputes Involving Family Violence in a Neoliberal Context - British Columbia, Canada Rachel Treloar
  Equal property rights for women: ethnographic reflexions on the dynamics of autonomy within the Indian joint family. Karine Bates
  Gender, Sexuality and Law Chris Ashford, Alex Dymock
R1.13 Constructing Gender and the Body  
  Bodily Integrity and Legal Personhood Mitchell Travis
  Gender – a space of socio-cultural transformation. Insights from Jamaica and Dominica Ramona Biholar
  The Ideas of Women Wendy Guns
  Information Technology Law and Cyberspace Brian Simpson, Mark O'Brien
  Export Control Standards on Data and Its Influence on International Cloud Service Industry Cindy Whang
  User-controlled justice? The governance challenges of multi-user platforms Kim Barker
  Multistakeholder approach and human rights in Internet Governance Andrey Shcherbovich
  ‘Algorithims or Advocacy: Does the Legal Profession Have a Future in a Digital World?’ Brian Simpson
  International Criminal Justice: Theory, Policy and Practice Anna Marie Brennan
  “A New Path for the International Criminal Court” Eduardo Toledo

  “Judicial Dialogue and the Development of the Crime of Genocide” Nora Stappert
  Labour Law Michael Jefferson, Sam Middlemiss
  Restoring wages councils and sector bargaining and extending wages and condition? Keith Puttick, Peter Beszter

  Adjudication in Malaysia and Nigeria Rabui Shatsari, Ado Malam Bello
  Lawyers and Legal Professions Andy Boon
  The Legal Professions’ New Codes of Conduct: What Do They Tell Us? Andy Boon
  The Failure of the New Legal Services Market? John Flood, Liz Duff

  Legal Education Tony Bradney, Fiona Cownie
  Parresia and academic freedom in legal education Pedro Fortes
  Could you make it a bit more MOOCy? Simon Sneddon
  Towards a Feminist Pedagogy of Clinical Legal Education: Challenges and the Possibilities of Transformative Learning Jhuma Sen
  Mental Health and Mental Capacity Law Peter Bartlett
S0.13 CRPD, MCA – problems of decision-making
  Challenging the Capacity/Incapacity Binary- Capacity to Consent to Sex and Vulnerability Beverley Clough
  Active citizenship of persons with disabilities and legal capacity: an obvious connection? Milan Markovic
  Analysing the definition of disability in the CRPD: Is it really based on a 'social model' approach? Kazou Aikaterini
  Exploring the discriminatory nature of the functional approach of capacity-related assessment Yi Huang
  Race, Religion and Human Rights Fernne Brennan
S1.14 Rights and Human Rights  
  'Taking Human Rights and Equality Seriously in Public Authority Decision-Making in an Age of Austerity' James Harrison and Mary-Ann Stephenson
  ‘Right’ on the Margins: the misplaced right to food in the UK Ben Warwick
  Research Methodologies and Methods Antonia Layard, Jonathan Sims
R0.14 Empirical Research in Progress  
  “Triumph for Transparency? Assessing the Impact of Freedom of Information Laws” Erin Ferguson
  Risk logic: An evolving methodology for analysing diverse information sources Thomas Barcham, Richard Collins
  “Broadening law's 'context' in socio-legal research” Nicole Graham
  Exploring Legal Borderlands: Empirical and Interdisciplinary Approaches Naomi Creutzfeldt, Petra Mahy
S0.19 Administration  
  From Medical Guidelines to Medical Norms Friso Jansen
  Domestic Compliance with International Normative Frameworks relating to Disaster Management Ronan McDermott
  Determining the boundaries of the public and private spheres Claire Bessant
  Refugee and Asylum Law: Theory, Policy and Practice Dallal Stevens
S0.11 Children, Gender and Asylum  


  ‘Cessation, revocation and control over the movement of the body of the refugee in Canada’ Anne Neylon
  International Economic Law: Governing Markets in Context Celine Tan, Guiliano Castellano, Stephen Connelly
S0.17 Structures of International Economic Law  
  International Economic Institutions: Developing the Concept of Substantive Accountability Abayomi Al-Ameen
  Exploring ‘the Empirical’ in International Economic Law Linkage Debates James Harrison
  The Institutional Fragmentation of International Law and Democratic Governance in a World Society: A Crisis or An Opportunity? Anlei Zuo
  Politics and Technocracy in International Corporate Taxation Sol Picciotto
  Registering Registration Julie McCandless, Ed Kirton-Darling
R2.41 Excluding and over-promising  
  Birth registration and same-sex parenting in the UK and Canada: some unanswered questions Phil Bremner
  The land register in England and Wales: reflection of reality or history? Emily Walsh
  The lake home Henrietta Zeffert
  Transitions from Conflict: The Role and Agency of Lawyer Anna Bryson
  Swapping Sides? Political Transitions and Cause Lawyers within the State Louise Mallinder
  The Gendered Professional: Lawyers in Conflict and Transition Anna Bryson
  Lawyers, Clients and Political Causes in Conflict and Transition Kieran McEvoy