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Session 5

Full provisional programmes are also available on the relevant stream/theme pages.

Room Stream / Theme Conveners / Author(s)
  Administrative Justice Richard Kirkham
S0.28 Crisis in the administrative justice system and Kickstarting research  
  Roundtable discussion on the current predicament of administrative justice.  
  Kickstarting research: About the UK Administrative Justice Institute UKAJI (Margaret Doyle and Andrew Le Sueur)
  Art, Culture and Heritage Janet Ulph, Charlotte Woodhead
R1.03 Sustainability and Responsibility  
  Forgers, Connoisseurs, and the Nazi Past: Van Meegeren and Beltracchi Christa Roodt
  Corporate Culture Vultures: Art, Culture and Heritage Goals for Limited Companies Colin Moore
  Returning looted cultural assets: the role of enforcement agencies Janet Ulph
  Banking and Finance Clare Chambers (now Jones), Mary Young
S0.08 Market abuse, and the misuse of financial services products  
  Selling financial services: the interplay between individual legal liability and behavioural economics Judith Dahlgreen
  Predatory capital and the irresponsible state: a critical decoding of mandatory CSR at the ‘Gateway to Africa’ Renginee Pillay, David Quentin
  What part can market abuse play in the regulation of financial services? Andrew Baker
  Challenging Ownership: Meanings, Space and Identity Penny English, Francis King, Sarah Blandy
S2.12 Author Meets Readers  
  SLSA prizewinner Debbie Becher, author of Private Property and Public Power: Eminent Domain in Philadelphia Francis King
  Children's Rights Helen Stalford
R3.41 Achieving Child Friendly Justice  
  Children's voices: Centre-stage or side-lined in out-of-court dispute resolution in England and Wales? Jan Ewing, Rosemary Hunter, Anne Barlow, Janet Smithson
  The Child Rights Law of Lagos State 2007: A Qualitative Study of Child Justice Iyabode Ogunniran, Chinwe R Nwanna
  Methodological tools for exploring and promoting children’s rights in the justice process Helen Stalford, Liam Cairns, Jeremy Marshall
  Criminal Law and Criminal Justice Vanessa Bettinson, Ben Livings
S0.20 Policing  
  'I’m a celebrity and shouldn’t be on bail’: Pre-charge police bail and prospects for reform Anthea Hucklesby
  A Polarised Approach to Police Complaints Clare Torrible
  Identifying vulnerability and risk – exploring themes to understand reality Roxanna Dehaghani
  EU Law Ian Kilbey, Kathryn Wright
S0.03 Crisis and Austerity  
  Protecting the Vulnerable during Austerity: The Legal Requirements on the Troika to Consider Poverty in Implementing the Bail-Out Programmes. Roderic O’Gorman
  EU Competition Law and Social Policy Anca Chirita
  Crisis, Law and Legal Scholarship Imelda Maher
  Family Law and Policy Vanessa Bettinson, Ben Livings
R1.15 Developing responses to non-traditional family life  
  The Importance of ‘Biological Reality’: Constructions of Parenthood in Non-Traditional Families Alan Brown
  Mandatory sperm-donor registry: instrumental, symbolic or something in between? Helen Weyers
  “There is a danger, isn’t there, that things are just going to be copied from one to the other?”: discourses of sameness and difference between civil partnership and marriage Charlotte Bendall
  Gender, Sexuality and Law Chris Ashford, Alex Dymock
R1.13 Gender, Sexuality and Legal History  
  Diagnosing perversion: forensic psychiatry on trial Janet Weston
  Judges, nabobs and malign domestics: judicial fact-finding in Woods and Pirie v Cumming Gordon Caroline Derry

  Lawyers and Legal Professions Andy Boon
  Lawyers: A Theoretical Framework Elisabeth Reiner, Jan Pospisil
  Re-regulation and change in professional organisational fields: The case of UK legal services Sundeep Aulakh, Ian Kirkpatrick

  Medical Law and Ethics  
S0.18 Assisted Dying  
  “Rethinking death: Assisted Dying Bill 2014-15: The way forward?” Nataly Papadopoulou
  “Debating Assisted dying in the Upper Chamber: Procedure, process and ‘souciance’ in the passage of a Bill in the House of Lords." Cedric Gilson
  “Debbie Purdy; her contribution to the law on assisted suicide, past, present and future." Claudia Carr
  Mental Health and Mental Capacity Law Peter Bartlett
S0.13 Court of Protection  
  Litigation friend Shazia Akhtar
  Who, and what, is the Court of Protection for? Lucy Series
  (Re)Presenting P before the Court of Protection Alex Ruck Keene
  Back to the Future: The Case for a Mental Capacity Act Commission? Jean McHale
  Race, Religion and Human Rights Fernne Brennan
S0.09 Discrimination and human rights  
  Constructions of Religious Symbols at the European Court of Human Rights: Assertions, Evidence, and the Power of Language Anna Jobe

  The Punishment of those who Ill-treat Detainees during Police Questioning in Breach of Article 3 ECHR Neil Graffin
  Research Methodologies and Methods Antonia Layard, Jonathan Sims
R0.14 Visual Methods  
  “Revealing the Legal Experience through Visual Arts” Natalie Ohana
  Prize winner session: “The Case for a Visualized Economic Sociology of Legal Development” Winner of the 2014 SLSA Best Article Prize Amanda Perry-Kessaris
  Exploring Legal Borderlands: Empirical and Interdisciplinary Approaches Naomi Creutzfeldt, Petra Mahy
S0.19 Meet the Author – 2015 Hart-SLSA Prize for Early Career Academics  
  Joint winner; Kirsten McConnachie, Governing Refugees: Justice, Order and Legal Pluralism, Routledge, 2014 Discussant: Julio Faundez
  Refugee and Asylum Law: Theory, Policy and Practice Dallal Stevens
S0.11 The Problems of Process  
  ‘The detained fast track asylum process: inherently unfair, or a necessary qualification to the right to liberty?’ David Sellwood
  ‘Accelerated refugee status determination procedures in the UK and Australia: “Fast track” to refoulement?’ Linda Kirk
  ‘Fresh claims for asylum since Rahimi - legal consequences and procedural barriers’ Sheona York
  International Economic Law: Governing Markets in Context Celine Tan, Guiliano Castellano, Stephen Connelly
S0.17 International Investment Law I  
  Reforming International Investment Law: Is it Time for a New International Social Contract to Rebalance the Investor-State Regulatory Dichotomy? Dessilav Dobrev
  Re-thinking International Investment Law’s ‘Utopia’ Edward Guntrip
  The Impact of Investment Treaty Law on Government Behaviour: A Socio-legal Perspective on State Compliance with Good Governance Standards Mavluda Sattarova, Mustafa Erkan
  Law Politics and Ideology Andrew Gilbert, Graham Gee
R2.41 International edges of law, politics and ideology  
  Networked Governance for Implementing Human Rights: A Promising Way Forward Azadeh Chalabi
  The Involvement of Former Colonial Powers in their Former Colonies and the use of International Law: the Case of France and Mali Amanda Kramer
  Compassion in Law: the Personal and the Political Dermot Feenan
  Law Enforcement, Regulation and the Use, Abuse and Control of Information Richard Hyde
S1.14 Sharing of Forensic Bioinformation  
  A distinctive mark: Assessing the Present Parliament’s Contribution to the Governance of Forensic Biometric Data Tim Wilson
  The Risks of Using and Sharing Biometric Data to Tackle Crime Across the EU Chris Wood
  Why should we share forensic bioinformation beyond national borders - towards a theoretical framework Ashley Savage, Richard Hyde
  Transitions from Conflict: The Role and Agency of Lawyer Anna Bryson
  Working for and with Victims in the Extraordinary Chambers in the Courts of Cambodia Rachel Killean
  Legal Culture and the Interpretations of Post-Justice in Rwanda Nicola Palmer
  Lawyers, 'Revolution' and Transitional Justice: The Case of Tunisia Marny Requa