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Session 6

Full provisional programmes are also available on the relevant stream/theme pages.

Room Stream / Theme Conveners / Author(s)
  Art, Culture and Heritage Janet Ulph, Charlotte Woodhead

Giving voices to communities


Child ‘Charlie’ and King Richard: Contesting the Ancient Dead

Carolyn Shelbourn


The Horse Culture of "Cowboys and Indians": , Cultural Heritage, Stereotypes and Safeguarding

Sarah Sargent


Global Governance and Intangible Cultural Heritage in the Information Society: at the Crossroads of IPRs and Innovation

Paolo Davide Farah

  Banking and Finance Clare Chambers (now Jones), Mary Young

The law in finance: Financial crime and fraud



Stephen Copp


Culpability of banks in illicit financial flow and money laundering

Viri Chauhan



Alison Cronin

  Challenging Ownership: Meanings, Space and Identity Penny English, Francis King, Sarah Blandy


Property law and strategies for resistance


Legal Land Lock? Extraterritorial jurisdiction, sovereignty extension and near-perfect annexation of the West Bank

Alice Panepinto


Confrontations with ownership in The King Hill Hostel Campaign

Laura Binger


Legal recognition as a challenge to the closing of soup runs in London

Caroline Hunter

  Criminal Law and Criminal Justice Vanessa Bettinson, Ben Livings

(Joint with Sentencing&Punishment)


Professor David Ormerod, Law Commissioner

  EU Law Ian Kilbey, Kathryn Wright


Governance and Contract :


Legitimacy and European Union Governance: Whither Transparency?

Stephen Lea


EU Governance in Organs: Proposing A Leap to Hybrid Governance and the 'Integrated Model of Combined Governance’

Tasnim Ahmed


Moving On from Non-Delegation: Climate Engineering Research and the EU Regulation of Scientific Uncertainty

Janine Sargoni


Clarifying Aggressive Commercial Practices in the Unfair Commercial Practices Directive: the Role of Consent

Eleni Kaprou

  Family Law and Policy Vanessa Bettinson, Ben Livings
R1.15 New-style challenges within family justice  

Paper: Multi-modal discourse analysis of the financial order proceedings from the perspective of litigants in person

Tatiana Tkacukova


Paper: ‘The Challenges of the Unrecognised: An analysis of Muslim Marriage recognition in England and Wales’

Leyla Jackson and Kathryn O'Sullivan


The role and construction of ‘the other side’ in family dispute resolution

Anne Barlow

  Gender, Sexuality and Law Chris Ashford, Alex Dymock



Domestic Violence and the European Court of Human Rights: Is a more gender-sensitive interpretation of the ECHR needed?

Ronagh McQuigg


Beyond the Gains: The Unfinished Business of Women's Rights in Africa

Rhoda Asikia


The Right of the Girl-child to Education: The Chibok School Girls’ Adduction and the Response of International Law

Amos Enabulele

  Lawyers and Legal Professions Andy Boon

2015 Hart-SLSA Book Prize: Alan Paterson (2013) Final Judgment: The last Law Lords and the Supreme Court, Hart

  Medical Law and Ethics  

“The leaning tower of the NHS: The destabilising force of the Health and Social Care Act 2012.”

David Horton and Gary Lynch-Wood


“Dietary Health, functional foods and the law.”

Naomi Salmon

  Mental Health and Mental Capacity Law Peter Bartlett

Mental Health Act


An Intersectional Perspective on Use of the Mental Health Act: Ethnicity and Madness

Mel Stray


Involuntary Outpatient Treatment: Human Rights and Efficacy Arguments for Repeal

Piers Gooding


‘Appropriate’ compulsory treatment for people with mental disorder? Research and evidence y

Steph Sampson


Society, Mental Health Policy and Welfare of the Mentally-Ill: Insight from Nigeria [awaiting easchair submission]

Fatai Badru

  Race, Religion and Human Rights Fernne Brennan

Theory and Human Rights


Human Rights and the Fall of the Platonic Guardians

Alan Greene


Explaining the Universality of Human Rights from Ontological and Epistemological Perspectives

Azadeh Chalabi


‘Taking Human Rights and Equality Seriously in Public Authority
Decision-Making in an Age of Austerity’

James Harrison and Mary-Ann Stephenson

  Research Methodologies and Methods Antonia Layard, Jonathan Sims
R0.14 Legal Research & Historical Methods  

Alcohol and Moral Regulation: Public attitudes, spirited measures and Victorian hangovers.

Winner of the 2014 SLSA Best History and Theory Book Prize

Henry Yeomans

  Sentencing and Punishment

Gavin Dingwall


(Joint with Criminal Law and Criminal Justice)


Professor David Ormerod, Law Commissioner

  Sexual Offences and Offending

Phil Rumney



Paper: Accessible Justice? Rape victimization and psychosocial disability

Vanessa Munro, Louise Ellison and Katrin Hohl


Challenging and redressing police failures in the context of rape investigations – the civil liability route

Joanne Conaghan


Paper: Raping Femininity: Reforming the Law on Rape in England and Wales

Siobhan Weare

  Sports Law

Simon Boyes, John o'Leary Ben Livings and David McArdle


On-Field Interventions


Concussion and Brain Injury in Contact Sport: Legal Implications

Jack Anderson


Injured athlete or crime victim?

Louise Taylor


Legitimate Limits of the Application of the Criminal Law in Sport

Simon Boyes

  Exploring Legal Borderlands: Empirical and Interdisciplinary Approaches Naomi Creutzfeldt, Petra Mahy

Corporate Banking


Legal Transplants and Local Contexts – the Troubled Case of Afghan Banking Reform

Michael Leach


Creditors’ priorities in insolvency proceedings: a contribution to the theories of institutional complementarities

Federico Mucciarelli


Corporate Social Responsibility and Development: a Socio-Legal Approach

Renginee Pillay

  Refugee and Asylum Law: Theory, Policy and Practice Dallal Stevens

Who is a refugee?


‘The tale of two men: Testimonial styles and presentation of asylum claims’

Forough Ramezankhah


‘Refugees and migrant workers? LM, AA and MA (Syrian Nationals) v Russia’

Agnieszka Kubal


‘Examining Article 1 if the 1951 Convention relating to the Status of Refugees: Does it go far enough?’

Olayinka Lewis

  International Economic Law: Governing Markets in Context Celine Tan, Guiliano Castellano, Stephen Connelly
S0.17 International Investment Law II  

Power and Contract in International Investment Law: The Dynamics of Investor-State Arbitration

Edward Cohen


TTIP-ing Nanotechnologies? (Unwanted) Implications of the Investor-State Dispute Settlement Chapter and Chemical Chapter

Daria Davitti


Investment in Human Rights: Defragment or Reboot?

Aurora Voiculescu

  Law Politics and Ideology Andrew Gilbert, Graham Gee

Law under control; law as control


Law & ‘Counter-law’: Regulating surveillance out of the shadows?

Rebecca Moosavian


Social citizenship in the devolutionary state: a clash of law and politics? Some initial findings

Mark Simpson


The ‘English Question’: Regionalism, Federalism and the Electoral Politics of the UK


  Law Enforcement, Regulation and the Use, Abuse and Control of Information Richard Hyde



Empowering the Vulnerable to Speak Up: The migrant worker as whistleblower

Ashley Savage and Ian Fitzgerald


Whistle while you work: effective data sharing and protection of the vulnerable

Helen James


The Halfway House is Only Halfway Built: Towards a Fit-for-Purpose Understanding of ‘Prescribed Persons’ in the Public Interest Disclosure Act

Richard Hyde

  Transitions from Conflict: The Role and Agency of Lawyer Anna Bryson

Lawyers, the CCRC and Dealing with the Past in Northern Ireland

Hannah Quirk


General problems of the post-national human rights regime and its socio-legal implications in the case of the crimes committed during the Spanish Civil War and Franco’s Dictatorship

Ainhoa Martinez