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Session 7

Full provisional programmes are also available on the relevant stream/theme pages.

Room Stream / Theme Conveners / Author(s)
  Access to Environmental Justice

Gita Gill, Susan Wolfe and Sam Adelman



Addressing the ‘drivers’ and ‘root causes’ of environmental and human rights harm within corporate law – a global approach

Stephen Turner

The Freedoms of the Neoliberal Company

Lorraine Talbot

  Challenging Ownership: Meanings, Space and Identity Penny English, Francis King, Sarah Blandy


Enduring Property Relations

  Panel discussion Sarah Blandy (chair), Susan Bright, Alison Clarke, Nick Hopkins, Sarah Nield.
  Criminal Law and Criminal Justice Vanessa Bettinson, Ben Livings


Policing and Prosecuting


The Construction of Police Cases in China

Yu Mou


Prosecution policy, centralisation and professional discretion

Laurene Soubise


Prosecuting Hate Crime: Procedural Issues and the Future of the Aggravated Offences

Abenaa Owusu-Bempah

  EU Law Ian Kilbey, Kathryn Wright


Environment and animal welfare



The Evolution of EU Animal Protection Law

Stephanie O’Flynn


Improving Animal Welfare by Defining Core Concepts in EU Law

Moa Näsström

  Family Law and Policy Vanessa Bettinson, Ben Livings


Children’s perspectives in the brave new world of family justice


Mediating children cases: what part is played in the process by parental proposals, by the voice of the child, and by giving paramount consideration to the welfare of the child as set out in the Children Act 1989?

Mavis Maclean


How do children think about ‘home’ after parental separation?

Belinda Fehlberg and Kristin Natalier


Tides of change and choppy waters: Legal evaluations of local authority social workers’ evidence in care proceedings and perceptions of expertise

Ann Potter

  Gender, Sexuality and Law Chris Ashford, Alex Dymock


Crime 2


A Gendered Critique of Group Localised Grooming: Masculinity of Offending v. Femininity of Victimisation

Jamie Lee Mooney


Combating Revenge Pornography in the UK: A Feminist Perspective

Ksenia Bakina


Heteronormativity and the inverted relationship between socio-political and legislative approaches to lesbian, gay and bisexual (LGB) hate crime

Marian Duggan

  Indigenous Rights and Minority Rights

Sarah Sargent


Current Issues for Indigenous Peoples  

Paper: Logic, Scale and Jurisdiction: Critiquing VAWA 2013

Jen Hendry


Paper: An analysis of indigenous family mediation in Taiwan

Grace Tsai


Paper: Law, Policy & Governance of Indigenous Land Rights in Development Projects

Kinnari Bhatt


The Sami, One People, Four Countries

Snusu Hirvonen-Kowal

  Legal Education

Tony Bradney and Fiona Cownie



Taking prior experience into account when evaluating judicial training: some empirical findings

Diana Richards


Legal Education as a Sub-Discioline of Law and the Quality of Legal Education Research

Anthony Bradney


Training for tomorrow – legal education and training for an evolving legal sector

Julie Brannan & Paul Woodcraft

  Medical Law and Ethics  


"Critical perspectives on Transnational Health Law"


“Peripheral legality: Abortion and the networked state.”

Ruth Fletcher


“Global health on the path to constitutionalisation?”

Atina Krajewska


“Staging the nation: Ethnicity, blood donation and terror in Kenya”

John Harrington

  Mental Health and Mental Capacity Law Peter Bartlett


Financial Decision-Making and DOLS


Re-conceptualising Contractual Capacity? An analysis of English Contract Law in light of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities

Eliza Varney


‘The Mental Capacity Act 2005 and legal capacity decision-making: time for a new theoretical terrain?’

Alex Pearl


Addressing the Bournewood Gap in Scotland

Jill Stavert


The Way Forward for DOLS: What is it that we Want?

Peter Bartlett

  Sports Law

Simon Boyes, John o'Leary Ben Livings and David McArdle


Law & Sport Self-Regulation


How Open is Open Enough? Competition Law and the New Hybrid League Structure

Salil Mehra


Financial Fair Play and competition law: evidence of a new EU sports policy?

Tom Serby and John O'Leary


The Proportionality Principle in Judicial Scrutiny of Sports Governing Bodies: A Critical Appraisal

Simon Boyes


Systems Theory Thinking, Law and Society

Tom Webb



‘International Law applied to Trans-boundary waters: An Autopoietic approach.’

Kenneth Kang


‘Autopoiesis, vulnerability and asylum in the United Kingdom’

Tom Webb

  Private International law

Emma Roberts



The Continuing Evolution of Habitual Residence'

David Hill


A blessing in disguise - International traffic accidents and insurance'

Christopher Bisping


State versus minority groups: Can equilibrium on gender equality be reached?

Naheed Ghauri

  International Economic Law: Governing Markets in Context Celine Tan, Guiliano Castellano, Stephen Connelly


Panel 6: International Trade


World Trade Organization and Subsidies in the Renewable Energy Sector

Paola Davide Farah


Assumptions in WTO Law: WTO Accession of Non-Market Economies,

Dylan Geraets


Rethinking Assumptions: Interrogating the Scope of ‘Food Security’ in International Economic Law

Fiona Smith


Intellectual Property Law

Jasem Tarawneh



Social networking and Data Protection Issues Revisited 2015

Rebecca Wong


India - The Local Self Of The International

Amaka Vanni


Politics of Voluntary Licensing on Pharmaceutical Patents: A Preliminary Discussion

Yuan Qiong Hu


Does the Artists' Resale Right benefit visual artists?

Anthony O'Dwyer

  Law Politics and Ideology Andrew Gilbert, Graham Gee


The changing landscape of law and reform

  Politics and the Law Commission: Law reform as the policy-making lawyers are allowed to do

Richard Percival


(Neo)Liberalism and Legal Aid: an analysis of the effect of ideology at institutional level

Lucy Welsh


Governing Through Taxation? A Historical Study of Alcohol Excise Duties and Behavioural Regulation

Henry Yeomans

  Law Enforcement, Regulation and the Use, Abuse and Control of Information Richard Hyde


Information Sharing I


Clare's Law' under the spotlight: The 'politics of public protection' in the promotion of a 'risk information' Disclosure Scheme'

Jamie Grace


The power of diversity data: a nudge in the right direction through voluntary benchmarking

Richard Collins and Laura Holloway


Auditors and Information Sharing: An Initial Exploration

Catriona Hyde