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Session 8

Full provisional programmes are also available on the relevant stream/theme pages.

Room Stream / Theme Conveners / Author(s)  

Access to Environmental Justice

Gita Gill, Susan Wolfe and Sam Adelman




Interrogating Growth: the inefficiency principle

Janet Dine  

Water Poverty, Sustainability and Human Rights: Re-balancing the Economics of Water Service Provision

Claire McCann


  Challenging Ownership: Meanings, Space and Identity Penny English, Francis King, Sarah Blandy  


Fragmentation of Property Rights


Legalising Property and Alternative Property Practices: Post-Mao China as a Case Study

Ting Xu


Bare Land Condominium and the Spread of Propriety Residential Associations in British Columbia

Douglas Harris and Guy Patterson


Challenging the Legal Conception of the First Legal Mortgagor

Lisa Whitehouse

  EU Law Ian Kilbey, Kathryn Wright  


Movement of Persons


Is Free Movement Subverting Democracy?

Vesco Paskalev


The View from Bradford: A response to the European Commission’s Study on Mobility, Migration and Destitution in the European Union, 2014

Edward Mowlam


A comparative UK and Polish study of the European Arrest Warrant: Does reform of the EAW need to come from individual Member States or are changes needed to the EAW as an instrument?

Gemma Davies & Katarzyna Andrejuk

  Family Law and Policy

Anne Barlow and Annika Newnham



Family Law and Policymaking


Paper: Lessons from a Letter to a Child: Family Law and Policy during the First Thatcher Government

Andrew Gilbert


Marital Property Agreements and Public Policy: A Fragmented Evolution

Marie Parker


  Gender, Sexuality and Law Chris Ashford, Alex Dymock  


Sex, Legitimacy, Governance



Concealment of birth: what are we punishing?

Emma Milne


Same-Sex Male Social Dating and Encounter Networks: Identity Formation and Protection

Chris Ashford and Kevin Brown


Indigenous Rights and Minority Rights

Sarah Sargent



Current Issues for Minority and Indigenous Rights: Language and Culture    

Access to Justice in Ireland for Limited English Proficiency Persons

Maria Silva,


The Question of Cultural Genocide

Snusu Hirvonen-Kowal


Legal Education

Tony Bradney and Fiona Cownie




Claire Palley, the U.K.’s first woman law professor: a legal landmark’

Fiona Cownie


Socrates v PowerPoint [2015] SLSA 1: A Reflection upon Ancient and Modern Techniques for Law Teaching in the 21st Century

Maeve Hosier

  Directions of Legal Education

Isabel Garrido Gomez

  Medical Law and Ethics Glenys Williams  

“Liability and compensation for mishaps in clinical trials involving pregnant women and their foetuses."

Maria Sheppard


“Could advances in neuroimaging lead to a duty to manage pain proactively in minimally conscious patients?”

Stephanie Pywell

  Mental Health and Mental Capacity Law

Peter Bartlett


MCA in Medicine and Social Care (TBC)

  The Mental Capacity Act 2005 - Compliance in Clinical Practice Helen Taylor  

  The implications of the UNCRPD requirements on the Mental Capacity Act and healthcare decision-making in relation to people with Fluctuating Capacity Anna Raphael  
  Supported Decision-Making in Adult Safeguarding – A Qualitative Study Amanda Keeling  
  Sports Law

Simon Boyes, John o'Leary Ben Livings and David McArdle



Perspectives on Sports Law


Horses for Courses: A Socio-legal Discourse on Non-Human Athletes and Doping Regulation

Jonathan Merritt


Critique of the purpose and effectiveness of FIFA’s prohibition on the international transfer of minors from a children’s rights perspective

Eleanor Drywood


What Gramsci Says: Sports Law, Regulation and Cultural Hegemony.

John O'Leary

  Systems Theory Thinking, Law and Society

Tom Webb




‘‘What really happened?’ A systems theory approach to legal constructions of ‘the facts’’

Adrienne Barnett


‘Does Crime Pay? A Systems Perspective on Civil Recovery’

Jen Hendry and Colin King


‘Autopoietic empiricism for research on climate change adaptation

Irene Bullmer


‘Global health on the path to constitutionalisation?’

Atina Krajewska

  International Economic Law: Governing Markets in Context Celine Tan, Guiliano Castellano, Stephen Connelly  


Challenging International Economic Law


Does the Invisible Hand have Green Fingers, or Would International Economic Law be viable International Environmental Law?

Paul Anderson


The Rights Resurgence, Social Movements and Post-War Capitalism

Radha D’Souza


What the World Needs Now is….Corruption

George Meszaros

  Law Enforcement, Regulation and the Use, Abuse and Control of Information Richard Hyde  


Information Sharing II


Information about information law and the effects of its release and restriction

Judith Townend


Share and share alike? Trust, anonymisation and data sharing

Marion Oswald and Helen James


Liberty, Security and the Permanency of Information in the Governance of Risk: Catt in the Supreme Court'

Jamie Grace