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Children’s Rights


Helen Stalford

Call for Papers

Abstracts may only be submitted via the Easy Chair system. They must be no longer than 300 words and must include your title, name and institutional affiliation and your email address for correspondence.

The deadline for the submissions is Monday 19 January 2015.

Contributions are invited for this new stream that provides a platform for interdisciplinary dissemination and exchange of the latest children’s rights research. We welcome papers exploring children’s rights from a methodological, ethical, theoretical and normative perspective at local, national, European or international level. We are particularly interested in papers on substantive children’s rights issues thart respond to the following broad themes:
• Children’s access to justice
• Children’s participation
• Balancing children’s autonomy with adult/parental authority
Children’s rights monitoring and evaluation

For informal discussion please email the stream convenors at the e-mail addresses above

Session Programme (Papers and Rooms are subject to change)

Tuesday: Session 2: Ramphal Room 3.41

Session Title: Understanding the Scope and Impact of Children’s Rights of Autonomy

Papers: Seen and Still Not Heard? The Lived Realities of Children and Young People's Participation in Ireland in their Homes, Schools and Communities. - Aisling Parkes

Conceptualising children’s rights around participation in elite sport - Eleanor Drywood

Tuesday: Session 3: Ramphal Room 3.41

Session Title: Accommodating Best Interests: Tensions and Potential Solutions

Papers: Lessons in Valuing Children: Conflicts of Interests, “Best Interests”, Rights, and School Exclusion -Lucinda Ferguson

Becoming tyrannous? A capabilities approach to best interests assessments - Michael Thomson

Islamic States rebuff The Hague Abduction Convention: Justified explanations or just excuses? - Nazia Yaqub

Wednesday: Session 4: Ramphal Room 3.41

Session Title: Protecting Children from Harm: Legal and Methodological Strategies

Papers: A Successful Case of Planning on Children’s Rights - Azadeh Chalabi

Children's wishes and feelings about parental harm: Ascertaining the unascertainable? - Vanessa Richardson

Childhood Obesity: A Case of Parental Neglect or State Failure? - Naomi Salmon

Wenesday: Session 5: Ramphal Room 3.41

Session Title: Achieving Child Friendly Justice

Papers: Children's voices: Centre-stage or side-lined in out-of-court dispute resolution in England and Wales? - Jan Ewing, Rosemary Hunter, Anne Barlow and Janet Smithson

The Child Rights Law of Lagos State 2007: A Qualitative Study of Child Justice - Iyabode Ogunniran and Chinwe R Nwanna

Methodological tools for exploring and promoting children’s rights in the justice process - Helen Stalford, Liam Cairns and Jeremy Marshall