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Legal Education

Call for Papers

Abstracts may only be submitted via the Easy Chair system. They must be no longer than 300 words and must include your title, name and institutional affiliation and your email address for correspondence.

The deadline for the submissions is Monday 19 January 2015.

The Legal Education stream welcomes papers on all aspects of legal education including both academic and professional legal education. Papers on policy matters, pedagogical issues, matters pertaining to staff or students and anything else relating to legal education will be accepted. The stream is not restricted to work on legal education in the United Kingdom. Papers on comparative work in legal education or that concentrate specifically on legal education outside the United Kingdom will be accepted.

Paper presentations will typically be 20 minutes in length.

For informal discussion please email the stream convenors, Tony Bradney or Fiona Cowney

Session Programme (Papers and rooms are subject to change)

Wednesday: Session 4: Social Sciences Room 0.18

Session Title

Papers: Parresia and academic freedom in legal education - Pedro Fortes.

Could you make it a bit more MOOCy? - Simon Sneddon.

Towards a Feminist Pedagogy of Clinical Legal Education: Challenges and the Possibilities of Transformative Learning - Jhuma Sen

Thursday: Session 7: Social Sciences Room 0.28

Session Title:

Papers: Taking prior experience into account when evaluating judicial training: some empirical findings - Diana Richards.

Legal Education as a Sub-Discioline of Law and the Quality of Legal Education Research - Anthony Bradney.

Training for tomorrow – legal education and training for an evolving legal sector - Julie Brannan & Paul Woodcraft

Thursday: Session 8: Social Sciences Room 0.28

Session Title:

Papers: Claire Palley, the U.K.’s first woman law professor: a legal landmark’ - Fiona Cownie.

Socrates v PowerPoint [2015] SLSA 1: A Reflection upon Ancient and Modern Techniques for Law Teaching in the 21st Century - Maeve Hosier.