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Systems Theory Thinking, Law and Society


Tom Webb

Call for Papers

Abstracts may only be submitted via the Easy Chair system. They must be no longer than 300 words and must include your title, name and institutional affiliation and your email address for correspondence.

The deadline for the submissions is Monday 19 January 2015.

This stream provides a forum for those with an interest in systems theory thinking and law to engage in a critical and lively conversation with a view to developing systems theory discourse in law. Papers from those interested in any of the variety of systems theories (for example, autopoiesis, complexity, and chaos theory), and similar approaches (for example, Actor Network Theory, other network theories), are welcomed. Proposals from both legal and non-legal scholars speaking in favour of, or against, the utility of systems theories to law are encouraged. There is no underlying theme, but panel proposals may be submitted, otherwise papers will be grouped as much as possible according to topic.

Please get in touch with any queries.

Session Programme (Papers and rooms are subject to change)

Thursday: Session 7: Social Sciences room S0.17

Session Title:

Papers: ‘International Law applied to Trans-boundary waters: An Autopoietic approach.’ - Kenneth Kang

‘Autopoiesis, vulnerability and asylum in the United Kingdom’ - Tom Webb

Thursday: Session 8: Social Sciences room S0.17

Session Title:

Papers: ‘‘What really happened?’ A systems theory approach to legal constructions of ‘the facts’’ - Adrienne Barnett

‘Does Crime Pay? A Systems Perspective on Civil Recovery’ - Jen Hendry and Colin King

‘Autopoietic empiricism for research on climate change adaptation - Irene Bullmer

(‘Global health on the path to constitutionalisation?’ - Atina Krajewska) TBC