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Public Lecture Series

Warwick Law School is excited to host academics and practitioners across many disciplines and from around the world to speak every year. Our public lectures are open to all interested attendees.

A number of the lectures have been recorded. Please click on the link below if you would like to view or hear a recording of the lecture. Please note that some of these may require you to be a member of staff or a student of Warwick University.

Public Lecture, Professor Conor Gearty: 'The capitalist retaliation on democracy: what next?' Wed 28 Oct '15 (Video clip)

Public Lecture, Lady Hale: 'What's the point of human rights?' Thu 28 Nov '13 (Video clip) (Warwick Staff and Students Only)

Public lecture: John Kay, 'Regulation of financial services – a policy disaster’ Thu 21 Nov '13 (Video clip)

Public Lecture: 'Drones, Morality, and International Law'- Professor David Luban, Georgetown University (Audio clip)