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Aneesa Khan

Year: 2nd Year

Course: Law LLB

Hometown: Nottingham

Why did you apply to Warwick?

I applied to Warwick because it is one of the best universities in the UK and has a prestigious reputation in the global sphere. After graduation many Warwick graduates are already in jobs or further education as major global companies actively seek to recruit from the university.

Why did you apply to read Law?

I applied to study Law as I have previously studied it at A-level and during this process I found that I had a natural flair for the subject. I believe that studying Law has enabled me to acquire skills in analytical writing and problem solving. These skills are vital for a career in law as they have to be applied in practical legal situations.

What were your apprehensions before studying Law at Warwick?

Prior to coming to the university, I was apprehensive about the workload associated with studying at degree level. However, after studying at Warwick I have found that keeping on top of your work throughout the year makes the transition from A-level to degree level learning much easier. Furthermore, I was unsure if there would be more students at the university who would be from a non-traditional background similar to the one that I came from. But soon after arriving, as a part of the Multicultural Scholars Programme I was able to interact with other students from similar backgrounds.

How have you found studying Law at Warwick?

I have really enjoyed studying Law at Warwick! However, I have found that prior to studying a Law degree many students have the misconception that a law degree allows you to specialise in a particular area of Law. In reality, a Law degree is the study of many different areas of law, some areas which are compulsory (if you wish to obtain a qualifying Law degree) and some which are optional. It is after the completion of a Law degree that students go on to obtain further specialised training, so that they can qualify into a chosen practice area.

What do you want to do once you have graduated?

After graduation I want to complete my LPC (Legal Practice Course). This is the necessary course that has to be completed in order to train as a solicitor.