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Thomas Crawford

Year: First year

Course: Law LLB (3 years)

Hometown: Bangor, Northern Ireland

Why did you apply to Warwick? 

One of the main reasons I applied to Warwick was the fact that it’s an excellent university and would offer great employment prospects after I graduated. Aside from this, Warwick was one of the only universities in the UK to offer a ‘law in context’ approach to the teaching of law. This was something that really interested me after I had enjoyed studying how law can affect society in my Geography and History A Levels. I also liked the idea of moving away from home and studying on a campus university!

Why did you apply to read Law?

I knew that I would enjoy the theoretical side of the law having really enjoyed studying both constitutional 17th century English history throughout my History A level and how the law impacted societies around the world in Geography – particularly the Maoist ‘One Child Policy’ throughout the later years of the 20th century. Also, the mooting/public speaking aspects of law also appealed to me having been involved in both the debating society and theatre at school.

What were your apprehensions before studying Law at Warwick? 

My biggest apprehension was probably moving away from home and living by myself for the first time with people who I hadn’t met before. Thankfully everyone I’m living with, and everyone I’ve met on campus, has been super nice and I’ve been able to look after myself pretty well!

How have you found studying Law at Warwick? 

It’s been challenging, but rewarding. It seems that the work pushes you just enough to put you out of your comfort zone so that you can develop key skills and learn complex, technical legal rules, but not so far that you’re completely lost and don’t understand anything. The lecturers have all been great and I think everyone I’ve talked to in my year studying law has found something in the modules that they find interesting to learn about.

What do you want to do once you have graduated?

Right now I’m not too sure. I would like to end up practising law somewhere (most likely as a solicitor) but where and in what specific field is something that I am yet to figure out!