At Warwick Law School we want you to have the best possible academic experience full of adventures and good memories, and we want to support you throughout your time with us so we can flourish together.

We actively seek feedback from students, and provide formal module evaluation forms at the end of each module, as well as the opportunity to be part of the Student Staff Liaison Committee.

Your Director of Student Experience

Our Student Experience Director will represent your concerns at teaching forums and staff committees, ensuring that your collective voices about pedagogy, modules, skills, facilities and opportunities are heard and are part of our decision making processes. They will take a leading role in organising events and training activities that will add value to your time here at Warwick. They will also work together with you to ensure effective student representation at different forums and will work closely with Warwick Students’ Union, student societies and the Student Staff Liaison Committee.

Your Student Staff Liaison Committee (SSLC)

Meet your SSLC team:

Ruby Turok-Squire (IDLHR)
Law PG SSLC Chairperson
Aleksandra Temereva (IDLHR)
Law PG SSLC Vice Chair
Amikah Stewart (ICGFR)
Law PG SSLC Secretary
Jocelyn Preko (ICGFR)
Law PG SSLC Wellbeing Officer
Arrin Lewis (ALS)
Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Officer
Hannah Akhtar (ALS)
Social Events Officer
Aquilah Kasule (IEL)
Law PG SSLC Course rep
Mary Wanjohi (IEL)
Law PG SSLC Course rep
Serena Sauba (ALS)
Law PG SSLC Course rep
Rawan Yassin (ICL)
Law PG SSLC Course rep
Yasmine Benaich (LLM by Research)
Law PG SSLC Course rep

Our SSLCs offer essential channels of communication between students and staff and often lead to changes being implemented to improve your student experience. Plus working as a student representative can be a great way of demonstrating your communication and negotiation skills. Find out more about joining the SSLC here. Share your feedback with the Postgraduate SSLC.

If you have suggestions to improve your experience at Warwick throughout the year, please speak to your SSLC representative who is listed above.

Make a difference...

A large number of important changes have been implemented as a direct result of your feedback and are a testament to both student and staff dedication to provide the best education possible.

Take a look at what differences your feedback has made.