Please check this page regularly, as it will be updated with information as soon as it's available. We will also continue to send updates to you via your Warwick email account, which you should check regularly. Please also keep a regular check on the main University Guidance for new and returning students.

We're looking forward to welcoming you back to campus.

How you can communicate with us

For all general enquiries please contact Law Reception.

In person: The office is currently closed until further notice. Please email the Student Services Team with your enquiry.

By email: Please email your questions to A member of the team will reply or pass the enquiry on to the appropriate person for response.

Meetings: In some circumstances we may telephone you or make an appointment to meet you on Microsoft Teams to help you with your enquiry.

We ask that you do not contact any member of staff on Microsoft Teams without a prior appointment.

Working Hours: Monday to Thursday 9.00am to 4.30pm, Friday 9.00am to 3.30pm. We are unable to respond to enquiries outside of these times, or on non-working days.

Entering and exiting the School of Law

To help aid social distancing when entering and exiting the building we have implemented a one way system.

  • Staff and students using the centrally timetabled rooms (S0.08/S0.09/S0.10) will need to use the outer doors by the lift as an entrance and exit.
  • Law staff and students wanting to access the law school rooms will need to enter via the same doors but exit via the doors by the student services reception.
  • Staff and students with a condition which affects their mobility can use either door as the entrance or exit, depending on which room/area they need to access.

Corridors and stairs

It is not possible to implement a one way system for our corridors and stairs within our section of the building, therefore we will operate a strict keep left system and staff and students should follow this protocol, where at all possible. In order to meet social distancing requirements, staff and students will be required to keep moving and not to congregate in groups to chat when in the corridors, stairwells, atrium or entrances and exits.

This may vary within the social sciences building and other buildings, so you must check and follow any signage.

Personal responsibility

We ask that staff and students recognise that we all have an individual responsibility to manage health and safety. Amongst our personal responsibilities are the need to:

  • Social distance.
  • Practice good respiratory hygiene, continue to wash hands regularly and make use of the hand sanitiser that is available throughout the building, particularly prior to entering, and on leaving, a room.
  • Wear face coverings as advised by University guidance.
  • Take responsibility for helping to manage the room capacity caps by only coming to campus for critical activity and ensuring that others do not follow us into the building or into rooms.
  • Operate a clean desk policy and remove personal belongings and all other items from desk surfaces.
  • Take responsibility for any work station you use, including wiping down surfaces and shared equipment after use.
  • Avoid leaving personal items in communal areas.
  • Email: (the School's facilities account) if you note that supplies of hand sanitiser or wipes are running low.
  • Open windows in rooms wherever possible to improve ventilation and lock them securely on exit.
  • Immediately dispose of all rubbish, including sanitising wipes.
  • Follow any signage/instructions displayed in the building.

School student services reception

At present the student services office is closed. We will publish the opening hours for term one in due course. Staff have moved as much as the service online as possible, and students are asked to submit their query via email or to arrange an online meeting. Please see the 'How you can communicate with us' section above for more information.


In the event of any emergency (fire, police, ambulance) on campus, please call Security on their emergency number 02476 522222.

Meetings with staff

Meetings with staff will take place online. It is important that you email the relevant staff member first to organise a date and time to speak to them via Microsoft Teams. Please do not call them on Teams without having organised an appointment in advance.

Student hub

Due to social distancing rules, the student hub now has a reduced capacity of 15. You will also notice that:

  • The sofas are marked up to show where people should not sit to maintain 2m social distance and will have max capacity signs
  • Excess tables and chairs have been removed and put into storage
  • There is a wall mounted hand sanitiser unit in the corridor and inside the room

Students are requested to adhere to the following rules whilst using the student hub:

  • Follow the max capacity for the room and tables/sofas
  • Follow social distancing guidelines
  • Wear face coverings as advised by University guidance
  • Practice good respiratory hygiene, continue to wash hands regularly and make use of the hand sanitiser that is available throughout the building, particularly prior to entering, and on leaving, a room
  • Take responsibility for any space you use including wiping down surfaces before and after use
  • Open windows in rooms wherever possible to improve ventilation and lock them securely on exit
  • Personal items should not be left in the communal area unattended
  • Where possible, students should stagger use to reduce congestion
  • Ideally students should take breaks in ‘open’ spaces such as outdoors
  • All rubbish including sanistising wipes must be put straight into a bin

Students are asked to recognise that this is a communal space and therefore there should be parity of access for all. We reserve the right to remove communal items and/or close the facility if these requirements are not adhered to.

Please email if you notice that the sanitiser station/bottle and or wipes are running low.

Seminar rooms

Continuing students will note that many of our School of Law seminar rooms are currently not in use. This is because the new capacity for those rooms is too small for classes and we are having to use the rooms for storage, due to needing to remove furniture from shared offices and the student hub to aid social distancing. We will be reviewing this for term 1, in line with university guidance on social distancing.


In the event of an emergency situation, please leave the building immediately by the nearest exit. if you hear an alarm, do not assume it is a drill. Please use all available exits noting that one-way systems do not apply in an emergency. Gather at the assembly point and resume social distancing. All students are strongly encouraged to undertake the University Fire Awareness Moodle.

Lone working guidance

Due to reduced capacities, there is an increased chance of lone working occurring at any time and all students are asked to read the Faculty Lone Working guidance. As always, please ring Security's, 24 hour number (22083 or 024 7652 2083) if you have any concerns while on campus; please add their number to your mobile so that you have it available at all times.


It is important that students and staff give feedback about how the measures put into place are/are not working, what changes need to be made to ensure the safety of all users and how this will be communicated across the School.

If you are unsure or feel that the control measures are not adequate, or are not working, you should raise your concerns by emailing

Your Wellbeing

If you are concerned that the current situation is affecting your studies and wellbeing please refer to the University Wellbeing Support Services or contact our Student Services team.