Advice for Research Students

In light of the current Covid-19 situation, we have set up a student hub to provide support and guidance for Law students. We hope that this page will answer your questions, but please do direct any further questions to our Student Services Team and we will respond to you as soon as possible.

Last updated: Wednesday 5 August 2020

I am a TIER 4 Student. What do I need to do about my VISA?

Please read information from the Student Immigration and Compliance team and particular guidance regarding Tier 4 Visas and the impact of coronavirus.

What if my research or Thesis are affected by Covid 19?

You can take a period of temporary withdrawal. If your health or the health of a close relative (for whom you have caring responsibilities) is affected for a period of more than 4 weeks, you can apply for temporary withdrawal for health reasons. During a period of temporary withdrawal, the student scholarship would normally be suspended, however students who are temporarily withdrawn for health-related reasons will continue to receive their scholarship for the first 13 weeks of absence (in a 12-month period).

Doctoral College Website

Can I apply for an extension because my research has been delayed?

The University is aware that the current Covid-19 situation is likely to lead to a number of extension requests from PhD students and is in the process of developing appropriate guidance, focusing first on students who are due to submit in the next 6 weeks. When we have more detailed guidance, we will share this with you.

Will my supervision continue?

Yes your monthly supervisions should continue to take place albeit not face to face. If your supervisor is not in regular contact please inform Law Reception.

I plan to submit my thesis. What will happen?

The Doctoral College has made arrangements for all thesis submissions to be made online (see this for guidance). Examinations will take place via video conference and students due to submit will be contacted by the department, to put arrangements in place for examination.

Where do I find general guidance?

The University's Doctoral College has provided guidance for PGR students relating to COVID-19 which is updated on a regular basis.

PGR Exam FAQs – COVID-19

Library Resources

We appreciate that library resources are limited. Please be assured that our librarians are working hard behind the scenes to grow the number of on-line resources available.

Academic Support Librarians

Using the Library to learn and teach remotely

Academic Writing

Academic writing support is now available to students. Please book your place through the Student Opportunities team.

PG Mentoring/Support

There is an on-line community that offers peer support and virtual learning tools for postgraduate students which you may find helpful.

Wellbeing Services

Wellbeing Support Services are still available to help students during this difficult time. Including offering masterclasses to help you feel better and function well.