Advice for LLM Students

In light of the current Covid-19 situation, we have set up a student hub to provide support and guidance for Law students. We hope that this page will answer your questions, but please do direct any further questions to our Student Services Team and we will respond to you as soon as possible.

Last updated: Thursday 3 September 2020


The University’s Executive Board has made the decision to postpone the January 2021 degree ceremonies, as a result of COVID-19. Find out more.

Students will graduate in absentia with certificates sent in the post as soon as possible following Senate Sub-Group approval. Those expected to be eligible will be invited to complete a registration process in mid-November 2020. Work is underway to find alternative dates to hold the ceremonies in the 20/21 academic year.

Reasonable Adjustments

If you have University recommended reasonable adjustments the approved time should be added to the two/three hours. A guide to help students who have reasonable adjustments on how to manage on-line exams is available. Please take the time to check you have the recommended facilities available to you ahead of the exams.


All assessments due to be submitted in August/September will shortly be available in Tabula. If you are taking a module from a department that does not use Tabula (for example Warwick Business School) please contact them directly for further information. If you wish to apply for an extension you may do so but please note that due to the expiry of student registrations we are unable to consider extension requests beyond the 30 September. Please ensure that you read the information for students on the Tabula application form before applying for an extension,

University Mitigating Circumstances/Reasonable Adjustments Guidance

Information on resit requirements and changes to degree classification

The University has made slight adjustments to the Resit and Classification regulations for 19/20. Further information can be found Find out more.

What are you doing to ensure that my degree classification takes account of the impact of Covid-19 on my studies?

Reflecting our commitment to our current postgraduate students, we are going to calculate the award of merit and distinction for our postgraduate taught degrees differently (e.g. MA, MSc, MBA, LLM, PGDip). For most of our master’s courses, students will complete typically 180 credits in total. Ordinarily we would calculate the classification of merit and distinction based on the weighted average across all of those modules (180 credits) but we will instead base the classification on the best 120 credits achieved rather than the weighted average. The calculation will be based on whole modules where you have achieved the highest marks. This approach recognises that a proportion of your studies is likely to have been affected by Covid-19 but the timing and nature of that impact may vary depending on your circumstances and location. You will still need to meet the requirements of the qualification to pass; this means that you will still need to pass the modules required.

We are taking the same approach for postgraduate diplomas where the classification of merit and distinction will be based on your best 90 credits instead of the weighted average typically across 120 credits.

If you are a current part-time PGT student we will use this approach at the point of determining your classification for graduation too.

Mitigating Circumstances

In order to take account of the difficulties students are currently facing the University has amended the Mitigation Policy and has relaxed some requirements for supporting evidence. on-line.

Internet Connection

We understand that not all students will have access to reliable internet connections and ask that you please let Law Reception know if this is the case. Should you have issues accessing Moodle or submitting via Tabula, please email the Law Technology team including screenshots of the problem as soon as you are able.

We recommend trying to submit your exam or assignment with at least three hours to spare, but if you are having issues at this point please email Law Technology if you are able, or telephone 024 76 5 23157.

I am a TIER 4 Student. What do I need to do about my VISA?

Please read information from the Student Immigration and Compliance team and particular guidance regarding Tier 4 Visas.

Degree Classifications

The University has made adjustments to the way in which Postgraduate degrees will be calculated. Further information is available on-line.

Library Resources

We appreciate that library resources are limited. Please be assured that our librarians are working hard behind the scenes to grow the number of on-line resources available.

Academic Support Librarians

Using the Library to learn and teach remotely

Wellbeing Services

Wellbeing Support Services are still available to help students during this difficult time. Including offering masterclasses to help you feel better and function well.