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Monday, February 10, 2020

CANCELLED: Conference: Philosophy and Art: Scattered Systemacity
Milburn House, Room A1.28, The University of Warwick

Runs from Monday, February 10 to Tuesday, February 11.

The objective of this conference is to revitalise one of the oldest methodological concerns in philosophy of aesthetics: namely, should the inquiry focus on the concept of Beauty as such, as the experience which is evoked through the aesthetic object, or are we to focus on the aesthetic objects themselves: their particular forms and contents and how these particularities are themselves beautiful?

To foster a renewed discussion around these topics the conference will take on an intra-disciplinary approach. This is done by inviting philosophers who do not specialise in aesthetics to give papers alongside established philosophers of aesthetics. The idea is that those who have not specialised in aesthetics but who are nevertheless acquainted with the general methodological problem that faces many fields in philosophy will offer new perspectives on the issue that will impact on the discussion.

The event is open to all related disciplines, i.e, art history, history, literature studies, etc.

CANCELLED: Hegel Reading Group
Room S1.39, Social Sciences Building