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Alexander Botting

bottingBA Politics with International Studies 2011

Senior International Consultant at Fabiani & Company

I tried to take advantage of the variety of focus areas available in PAIS by taking modules ranging from International Security to Politics of the USA to the Politics of Intelligence. While some students preferred to specialize in specific areas, I think that this gave me a more enjoyable experience and presented me with a broader range of career paths upon graduation. I was also fortunate during my time at Warwick to come into contact with three professors who were incredibly supportive of my efforts both in and out of the classroom: Jose Caballero, Andrew Walton and Trevor McCrisken. Without their willingness to provide advice, help direct my independent studies and write countless references, my time at Warwick would have been far less fulfilling.

Since graduating in 2011, I have been a member of the International Team of a Washington, DC-based government relations firm, Fabiani & Company. In this role, I look to raise the profiles of our clients – typically foreign countries or corporations – among officials in the U.S. Congress, the U.S. Presidential Administration, the U.K. government and the international business community.

My advice to current students and soon-to-be graduates: Develop a large network of friends. In politics, and more broadly, this network can help you to find jobs, to do your job more effectively, and to have a more enjoyable life outside of work. Warwick affords you the opportunity to meet fun, intelligent people from all over the world. Make the most of it; you never know where things might lead!