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Andrew Bradley

bradleyBA Hons Politics 2009

Broadcast Journalist for the BBC

I hugely enjoyed my three years studying politics at Warwick, both inside and outside the seminar room. PAIS not only offered a range of interesting modules, but also lots of talks from guest speakers and student-run events on campus. Shaun Breslin’s first-year World Politics lectures were always very creatively constructed and Andrew Walton’s seminars for Issues in Political Theory in my final year were particularly thought-provoking. I appreciated the different perspectives students from different countries brought to debates and discussions.

After completing my Politics degree, I stayed on at Warwick for a year as President of the Students’ Union. Following that, I completed a Masters degree in Political Journalism at City University London and began freelancing for the BBC and other media organisations. I’ve worked as a researcher for BBC News, a runner during the Royal Wedding (literally running between Buckingham Palace and the APTN base in New Zealand House), assistant producer on election coverage from local and mayoral elections, to the first-ever police and crime commissioners vote. I’ve also been a producer for Daily Politics and This Week. What I like most about my work is how varied it is—you never know what to expect when you turn up to work in the morning. One day you are writing a brief for an interview with a Government minister, the next day you are out filming with The Cheeky Girls!

Warwick has an active student media scene and students keen to pursue a career in this area should take full advantage of the opportunities offered by The Boar, Radio Warwick (RaW) and Warwick TV.