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Supriya Kulkarni

kulkarniMA International Relations 2011

Commitments Intern for the Clinton Global Initiative

I decided to pursue an MA in International Relations at Warwick with the intention of delving deeper into understanding the role of nation states, non-governmental organizations, and the private sector and to explore how these elements interact with one another. After the completion of the Masters’ programme at the University of Warwick, I was ready to apply the skills and knowledge I had gained at a global level. Hence, I decided to pursue an internship at the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) in autumn 2012.

CGI is a global platform which brings together several international leaders, founders of NGOs, leading CEOs of companies, media personalities and philanthropists. Members of CGI pledge to make various commitments around global health, education, resiliency, environment, empowerment of women, market based approaches and technology. I interned with CGI’s ‘Energy and Ecosystems’ track where my work involved conducting qualitative and quantitative research for the development of sustainable solutions around areas of focus such as ocean health, biofuels, clean technology, food waste, and environmental education. I supported the track in forming clear communication strategies for potential members and engaged with existing members in monitoring their commitments. I also liaised with various companies such as PepsiCo, Nature Conservancy, Wal- Mart, the Carbon Disclosure Project, Marriott International and so on.

I also witnessed the CGI Annual Meeting in September 2012 where new commitments were announced in the presence of several global leaders from Ban Ki-moon to President Obama. In my opinion, it is imperative to acknowledge what you have managed to assimilate through travel and interactions with people from diverse backgrounds. Both the University of Warwick and CGI have played a crucial role in honing my thought process and expanding my understanding of the world’s most urgent challenges.