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Natalie Whalley

whalleyBA Hons Politics and International Studies 2011

Campaigner for Save the Children UK

When I arrived at university I had no idea which direction I wanted to head in career-wise, but two PAIS modules gave me a clearer idea. The first was International Politics of Democracy Promotion, which challenged my thoughts on the international arena. The second was Critical Security Studies. This module taught me that there was so much more to security than military security. Human security has subsequently become something I'm passionate about, and I've ended up taking this passion into my career as a campaigner, specifically in international campaigns.

Upon graduating in July 2011, I started working for, then a 7 million member web movement, helping to bring people-powered politics to the decision-making process. The insights I'd gained during my time at PAIS gave me the ability to spot the pressure points and strategic opportunities to launch campaigns with the ultimate aim of changing the world for the better. I now work for Save the Children UK, and focus on international campaigns to protect children's rights and lives.

To any students planning to pursue a similar career, I'd give one piece of advice - be bold. You're part of a very well respected and connected department, and you already know a lot more than most—so while you're still at Warwick, have the audacity to apply that knowledge through an internship or a work placement. If you do this in the type of organisation you want to end up in, chances are you'll walk out of Warwick with the skills you need to land your perfect job.