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Internship Destinations

You'll find below a list of organisations and institutions where either PAIS students have had internships or work placements before, or that may have opportunities that you might find interesting as a PAIS student. Please note that this list is a work in progress, that opportunities may change or stop, and also that the weblinks may cease to work. In all cases, this page is just a guide to what might be available. PAIS students have undertaken internships for a huge range of organisations, both political and non-political, and in the UK, Europe, and around the world. As a starting point, it may be helpful to assess your skills, discover your strengths and find out what motivates you. Here is a helpful link you may wish to look at in terms of self-awareness.

Please note that PAIS does not endorse any particular organisation or internship programme listed below and we have no special link to them. You must contact organisations directly in order to make enquiries or apply.

The contents of this page will change over time so it is worth you checking back periodically.