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PhD (I)PE Reading Group 'Desert Island Thinkers' (DIT)

Dear all,

If you are interested in reading influential works in (International) Political Economy together with other PhD students, join the new reading group called 'Desert Island Thinkers' (DIT) (thanks to David for suggesting this title, which plays on the idea behind the BBC Radio 4 show 'Desert Island Discs').

  • Focus: The reading group has agreed to go for a broad engagement with key thinkers, whether or not the discipline of IPE might consider them to 'belong' to the core canon of works.
  • Format:
    - 4 meetings for 2 thinkers each term
    - The first meeting on a key (classic) thinker will be devoted to (part of) their work (book-length pieces), while the second meeting will cover more contemporary readings in which these ideas are applied (at article/chapter length). All participants can suggest these readings. For example, if the first meeting is on Karl Polanyi's work, the second is on Polanyian ideas/concepts.
    - The 2 thinkers to be discussed next will be decided by those present at the fourth and final meeting of any term.
  • Selection of thinkers: We have selected a wide range of scholars, including Hannah Arendt, Antonio Gramsci, David Harvey, Karl Marx, Karl Polanyi, Susan Strange, Thorstein Veblen and several others.

Next meetings – key thinkers: Michel Callon & Judith Butler

  1. Thursday, 26 February 2015, 12.00–14.00, PG Hub 4
    Readings: articles by Callon (single- and co-authored) and Butler
  2. Thursday, 12 March 2015, 12.00–14.00, PG Hub 6
    Readings: to be individually selected from reading list

Please send all enquiries to Matt Kranke at <>.