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Special Event - Professor Vivien Ann Schmidt


Dear all,

1. THURSDAY 4TH MARCH - PROFESSOR VIVIEN SCHMIDT - CRIPS AFTERNOON: As previously mentioned, on Thursday 4th March Professor Vivien Schmidt - a leading scholar of IR, IPE & European Integration, ( - will be spending the afternoon at CRIPS and her attention will be solely devoted to PAIS PhD students. 

The final itinerary has now been arranged and is as follows:

(a) 14:00-15:30     Talk followed by a Q & A session
(b) 15:30-16:00     Tea Break
(c) 16:00-17:30...  Workshop/Surgery

The talk (a) shall be on 'The Role of Ideas and Discourse in Political Analysis'

  • Professor Schmidt has recently published on this area and indeed has several forthcoming pieces of work on this very topic, e.g.:
  • "Taking Ideas and Discourse Seriously:  Explaining Change through Discursive Institutionalism as the Fourth New Institutionalism.” European Political Science Review (forthcoming)
  • “Discursive Institutionalism:  The Explanatory Power of Ideas and Discourse,” Annual Review of Political Science  vol. 11 (2008):  303-26
  • We thought that this talk would transcend the disciplinary, methodological and meta-theoretical divides within PAIS and would be of interest to anyone interested in the analysis of the political (materialist, idealist, whatever)

The workshop/surgery (c) shall involve small group – one or two to one - discussions of PAIS PhD’s

Please keep this afternoon free in your diaries for what should be a really enjoyable session.



The CRIPS Team