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PhD Research Seminar (Autumn 2006)

Date, venue & time
11 October
2-3pm, S1.50
Jeroen de Zeeuw
Projects Do Not Create Institutions. The Record of Democracy Assistance in Post-Conflict Societies
18 October
5-6.30pm, S0.18
Andrew Gamble
CRIPS Annual Lecture: The Anglo-American Hegemony: What’s Special About the Special Relationship?
25 October
2-3pm, S1.50
Jinock Lee
Engendering the Political  Economy of South Korea: Integration of the Social into the Analysis of the Developmental State
1 November
2-3pm, S1.50
Eliza Gaffney
Globalization and Rawlsian Political Theory: The Methodological Problems Presented by Globalization for State-based Theories of Justice
8 November
6-7pm, S1.50
Adam Taylor
Depoliticisation and the New Regionalism: The Case of Wales
15 November
2-3pm, S1.50
Tim Sinclair
CRIPS Workshop: Going to Conferences
22 November
2-3pm, S1.50
Matthias Kussin
Observing Sociological Systems Theory
29 November
2-3pm, S1.50
Hiro Ataka
A Critical Conceptual Analysis of Embedded Liberalism
6 December
2-3.30pm, S1.50
Rita Taureck
When Foucault Met Security Studies: A Critique of the 'Paris School' of Security Studies.
Afterwards: PhD general meeting