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PhD Research Seminar (Autumn 2007)


EVENT/ SPEAKER                                        


 3rd October

PhD Welcome

(2-3pm in S1.50)


 4th October


Annual Lecture: Ole Wæver

(3-4:30pm in S0.18)

 ‘Climate Change: The Security Issue of the Future?’

 10th October

 Jack Holland

(12-1pm in S1.50)

 ‘Critical geopolitics: A Framework for analysing foreign
   policy as culturally embedded discourse’

 17th October

 Owen Parker

 ‘Challenging ‘new constitutionalism’ in the EU:
   French capitalism, social Europe and the ‘non’ to the constitutional treaty’

 24th October

 Workshop: Despina Alexiadou

 'Doing quantitative research in Comparative Political Economy: linking theory with empirics'

 31st October

 Workshop: Helen Stringer

 ‘Non-Academic Career Options’

 7th November

 Ted Svensson

 'Frontiers of Blame: India's War on Terror'

 14th November

 Andrew Mumford

 ' New Analytical Approaches to Counter-Insurgency'

 21st November

 Kyungyon Moon

 'Humanitarian Food Assistance to North Korea: The Clash of Humanitarian Principles and Politics in Donor Responses'

 28th November

 Workshop: Matthew Watson

 ‘Building An Academic CV’

 5th December

 PhD General Meeting


All talks at 2pm in S1.50 unless otherwise stated