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PhD Research Seminar (Autumn 2013)

Week 1 02/10  
NO SEMINAR - CRIPS Annual Lecture by Professor Aletta Norval, 4.00pm S0.18
Week 2 09/10 Rogan Collins


(Un)concealing Technology: Visibility, Heidegger and The Drone
Week 3 16/10 Jakub Eberle S2.73 Forget Identity, Enter the Subject: Discourse Theory Meets Foreign Policy Analysis
Week 4 23/10   S2.73  
Week 5 30/10 Lauren Tooker S2.73 Unsettling accounts: Reading an ordinary ethics of debt in debates about reparations in Haiti (STARTING AT 9.00am!)
Week 6 06/11 Shahnaz Akhter S2.73 What role does religion play in environmental welfare?
Week 7 13/11 Bahadir Celiktemur S2.73 Spatiality and the Deliberative Site
Week 8 20/11 Nikita Shah S2.73 TBC
Week 9 27/11 Ilke Dagli S2.73 TBC
Week 10 04/12 Tanvi Pate S2.73 Indo-US nuclear relations during the Cold War

All seminars run on Wednesdays between 1-2pm. For more information or to express an interest in presenting, please contact Rogan Collins.