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PhD Research Seminar (Spring 2006)

Date, venue & time
22 February
S1.50, 2-3pm
Adam Taylor
Regionalisation, Depoliticisation & the Economic Periphery of the UK
1 March
S1.50, 2-3pm
James Brassett
Breaking the Esoteric Architecture of Global Finance
8 March
S1.50, 2-3pm
Dan Bulley
Ethics of Decision: Representations of Britain’s War in Iraq
15 March
S1.50, 2-3pm
Andres Moles
Rights of Private Discrimination?
3 May
S1.50, 1-2pm
Mike Keating
Global Best Practice(s): Understanding Neoliberalism
10 May
S1.50, 1-2pm
Will Smith
Cosmopolitan Citizenship: Solidarity, Irony & Worldliness
17 May
S1.50, 1-2pm
James Brassett
Three Mode(l)s of Global Civil Society
24 May
B0.06, 2-3pm
Elsa Suckle
Public Neutrality and Non-Neutral Value Claims
31 May
B0.06, 2-3pm
The Future of CIS/CRIPS
7 June
B0.06, 2-3pm
Anil Awesti
The Myth of Eurosclerosis: Lessons for Today
14 June
B0.06, 2-3pm
Marcelo Saguier
Assessing the Coalitions Between Civil Society and Governments in Latin America: The Challenge of Building Alternatives to Neoliberalism