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PhD Research Seminar (Spring 2007)

Date, venue & time
17 January
2-3pm, S1.50
Dan Bulley
‘Foreign’ Terror? The London Bombings and Failing States
24 January
2-3pm, S1.50
Dong-il Kim
Basic Ideas of the Principle of Fairness
31 January
2-3pm, S1.50
Peter Ferdinand
CRIPS Workshop: Conducting Research Abroad
7 February
2-3pm, S1.50
Andres Moles
Content-based Regulations on Speech and Liberal Neutrality
21 February
2-3pm, S1.50
28 February
2-3pm, S1.50
José Caballero
Regional Integration in Latin America: Identity and Elites
7 March
2-3pm, S1.50
Jeroen de Zeeuw
Supporting Political Party Development After War
14 March
2-4pm, B0.06
Anil Awesti
The European Union, Multi-level Governance and Institution Dependence 
Afterwards: PhD general meeting