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PhD Research Seminar (Spring 2013)

Week 1

09/01 -    
Week 2 16/01 -    
Week 3 23/01 -    
Week 4 30/01 Matt Watson B0.41/43 PROFESSIONAL SOCIALISATION: Developing work for publication.
Week 5 06/02 Jakub Eberle H4.01 Logics of Foreign Policy: Germany and the Libya Crisis
Week 6 13/02 -   READING WEEK
Week 7 20/02 Nick Taylor H4.01 Economics and the Social Question: how theories of value have impacted on the provision of relief and welfare in Britain.
Week 8 27/02 Rogan Collins H4.01 Islands of Exception: Forbidden Spaces and the (Geo)Politics of Extraterritoriality.
Week 9 06/03 Lucy Hatton H4.01 The role of knowledge and expertise in activating an EU demos: The potential of the European Citizens' Initiative.
Week 10 13/03 Dzeneta Karabegovic H4.01 Linking Diaspora to Reconciliation through Creative Solutions: BiH Diaspora in the US and Sweden.

For more information or to express interest in presenting please contact Rogan Collins.