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Methodology Masterclass 1: Mixed Research Methods

The CRIPS team would like to warmly invite you to the first instalment of the Methodology Masterclass Series: Mixed Research Methods with Ilke Dagli. Within the workshop Ilke will discuss the design of her research methodology and fieldwork, and give her insights into the use of quantitative methods from her experiences working as a consultant with various non-governmental and private organisations and her current doctoral project. It includes the collection of data through telephone surveys, door-to-door collection, and the use and benefits of using focus groups to enrich empirical studies. Ilke’s PhD methodology uses both quantitative and qualitative methods to assess perceptions of security and anxiety of host communities towards peacebuilding, migrants and identity. Using quantitative studies in the ontological security and securitisation literature is very rare, if not non-existent. This is due to both the costs involved in conducting quantitative surveys and the constructivist /critical theories’ ‘dislike’ of quantitative methods. However, especially if your research is interested in informing policy-making, mixed-methods can provide both robustness and depth to your analysis. Specifically, Ilke’s fieldwork methodology was composed of the following stages:

Quantitative telephone survey: 1000 stratified random sampling semi-structured online survey: 150 civil society and NGO representatives

Focus groups: 3 regional focus groups with migrant communities.

Interviews: Unofficial dialogue style interviews with the general public and elites to garner anecdotes and stories that can illustrate feelings of fear/anxiety and perceptions of security/threat.

Temporal comparison of quantitative data with existing data sets.

Furthermore, there will be a discussion on the formulation of the methodology chapter within a thesis and how this can be achieved successfully to meet the criteria of a PhD thesis. Ilke will use her own methodology chapter as an example to facilitate a discussion on this topic. There will be a general Q&A after the initial talk.

Event Audio Recordings:

Mixed Methods (Full Length)


Part 1




If you have questions for Ilke or regarading the Methodology Masterclass Series please feel free to contact us at crips at warwick dot ac dot uk

In the coming months Ilke will conduct the next part of the Mixed Methods sections of the series: the thesis workshop. This will be an interactive session, preceded by a brief round up of the previous parts, to discuss the use of affect of mixed methods within your own work. The full details of this event are to be confirmed shortly, please keep checking this page for more information.

Ilke Photo
Speaker: Ilke Dagli
Room: S2.81
Date: 13/06/2016
Time: 1500-1630