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PhD Research Seminar (Summer 2007)

Date, time & venue
25 April
9am-4.30pm, R3.41
Mock 1st Year Review
2 May
2-3pm, S1.50
Pedro Conceição Parreira
The New Economic Diplomacy: the Sub-state Level of Soft Diplomacy
9 May
4-5pm, S1.50
Matthew Watson
CRIPS Workshop: Publishing
16 May
2-3pm, S1.50
Owen Parker
Islam, Secularism and Liberal Democracy in Turkey: Assessing the 'Clash Thesis'
23 May
2-3pm, S1.50
James Brassett
Discourses of Ethical Possibility Before and After 7/7
30 May
2-3pm, S1.50
Andrew Walton
Coercion and the IMF
6 June
2-3pm, S1.50
Lena Rethel
Developing Islamic Capital Markets: Reifying the ‘Status Quo’ of Global Finance?
13 June
2-3pm, S1.50
Jinsoo Park
The Structure of Regional Leadership and Regionalism
20 June
3-4pm, S1.50
Helen Stringer 
PhD skills training
27 June
2-3pm, S1.50
PhD general meeting