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PhD Research Seminar (Summer 2013)

Week 1 24/04 Matt Watson B0.41/43 PROFESSIONAL SOCIALISATION: Getting on the Academic Career Ladder: The Process of Applying for your First Job.
Week 2 01/05 - - No Seminar - Mock First Year Reviews.
Week 3 08/05      
Week 4 15/05  
Week 5 22/05 Andrea Felicetti S2.73 Deliberative Democratic Qualities and the Grassroots. A Comparative Investigation of Four Transition Initiatives
Week 6 29/05 Ian Robinson PG Hub 1 CANCELLED
Week 7 05/06
Week 8 12/06 Lisa Tilley S2.73 Rethinking ‘Hammered Iron Statues’: Resource Extraction told through State, Mine and Body.
Week 9 19/06 Tom Parr S2.73 Nudging Towards an Egalitarian Ethos
  19/06 Matt Watson B0.41/43 How to Wow the Audience at Academic Conferences. N.B. THIS WILL TAKE PLACE AT 3.30pm.
Week 10 26/06 Andy Hammond S2.73 The CIA as Social Hieroglyph

All seminars run on Wednesdays between 1-2pm. For more information or to express an interest in presenting, please contact Rogan Collins.