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Warwick Critical Finance Group

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The Warwick Critical Finance (WCF) Group is a study group based at the PAIS department of the University of Warwick which takes a critical approach to new and emerging trends in finance. We seek to create a sustained conversation among Warwick researchers working on different aspects of finance - from the level of global financial flows to everyday financialisation - and how finance intersects and interacts with key dimensions such as development, class, gender, race or geography. The group aims to develop a productive awareness of the numerous projects, questions, and ideas pursued in finance research at Warwick and beyond.

We also offer PhD students and early career researchers working on finance the possibility to present their research in the group and receive feedback from fellow finance researchers. Throughout the year, the WCF group organizes lectures, conferences and workshops aimed at strengthening scholarly exchange and at shining a light on the multiple approaches and issues to be discovered within the critical study of finance.

The WCF group works in collaboration with the International Political Economy (IPE) Cluster at PAIS.

If you would like to present your own work, or if you would like to suggest further events please contact us on: wcf at warwick dot ac dot uk

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Upcoming events

2 May 2018 - WCF Talk:

Gendered flexitime in asset finance: work-life balance at month-end

with Heather Griffiths (University of Warwick)

23 May 2018 - WCF Talk:

'Stress testing as a problem
for the social studies of
financial regulation

for the social studies of
financial regulation'

with Nathan Coombs
(University of Edinburgh)

3-4 Sep 2018 - Early Career Researcher Writeshop:

'Selling (critical) finance: Getting your work published'

Previous Events

14 Feb 2018 - WCF Book Talk:

"Stories of Capitalism: Inside the Role of Financial Analysts"

with Stefan Leins
(University of Zurich)

8 Nov 2017 - WCF Dialogue:

"Resilience: Market Subjects and Performative Politics"

with John Morris (Coventry University) and James Brassett (University of Warwick)

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