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Welcome Week and Induction Events

We have put together an informative and (hopefully) exciting programme for Welcome Week 2022. In the table below, you will find all of the events which are department-specific, in other words, events specifically designed for you as PAIS MA students. Please note that attendance at those events in bold is compulsory. Sometimes, you will see events occurring twice. Of course, you don't have to attend these twice, but you are welcome to do so.

Please click on the events in the timetable to learn more about them.

In addition to the departmental programme, there are also some more general events taking place. These are run by the university and can be accessed through the Warwick Welcome pages. Here, you can build your own personalised Welcome Week timetable, selecting from both the departmental and university-led activities.


    Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Morning 09:00          

PGT Welcome

  The UG-PGT Transition
12:00     Programme Welcome    
Afternoon 13:00   Politics Clinic     Lunch
14:00         Politics Clinic
15:00 DSEP Drop In DOGS Drop In DSEP Drop In DOGS Drop In  
16:00   Coffee Chat Double Degree Info    
Evening 18:00     Welcome Drinks