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Negotiating your own title

For the assessed essay(s), you can either choose a title from the Pre-Approved Assessed Essay Title list, or alternatively you can negotiate your own title. If you negotiate a title with your seminar tutor you must submit a title form to the office by the Negotiated Title Deadline listed in the PAIS Undergraduate Handbook.

If you decide to negotiate your own title, you must liaise with your seminar tutor to finalise the precise wording of the essay title.  You must then complete the essay submission form with the agreed title, and obtain the signature of the seminar tutor. Only your tutor in the module is permitted to sign the form for you.  If you fail to obtain his signature, you will not be able to submit the title or the essay.  Do not leave agreement of titles until the last minute.  If you wish to submit a negotiated title, approach your tutor to make an appointment at least two weeks before the negotiated title deadline.

Approval by your seminar tutor is not final approval.  The titles will be considered by the Department and the External Examiner, and may be changed.  A list of approved titles will be published on the PAIS notice board as soon as possible after the deadline.  You must check and double-check this list to ensure that you use the approved title.  If you do not check, and your title has been altered, you could end up receiving a mark of zero for your essay because you submitted an essay with the incorrect title.