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Pre-Approved Assessed Essay Titles

1. Is the Original Position a useful tool for thinking about issues of justice?
2. Is Rawls right to think that parties in the original position would rank liberty lexically prior to equality?
3. Does justice require equality of opportunity? If so, how demanding is this requirement?
4. Critically assess Nozick’s entitlement theory.
5. Is Ronald Dworkin right to think that, when properly understood, the values of freedom and equality do not conflict?
6. Could wealthy individuals in our society satisfy G.A Cohen's interpersonal test?
7. What are the relative merits of strict egalitarianism, prioritarianism and sufficientarianism.
8. Would a universal basic income promote or hinder the freedom of citizens?
9. Should expensive private schooling be bannned?.
10. Should healthcare be distributed entirely on the basis of medical need, or should other considerations play a role?
11. Does the fact that a law was created by a fair democratic procedure neccesarily mean that it is legitimate?
12. How demanding an ideal is gender equality?

13. Can the state ever justifiably require immigrant groups to abandon particular customs and practices? If not, why not? If so, on what grounds?
14. Can immigration be limited by the state in order to protect the employment prospects of its citizens?
15. What distinguishes a just war from an unjust one?
16. Is it permissible to kill non responsible enemy civilians as part of a strategy for winning a just war.
17. When, if ever, is it morally acceptable to consume food whose production involves the killing or captivity of animals?
18. Is it fair for poor countries to have to limit their economic development in order to mitigate climate change?