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Autumn Term Essay Questions

Compulsory Non-Assessed Essay

Deadline: please consult your seminar tutor.

The essay must be no more than 1500 words in length. It should be based on a range of sources, include full references for any passages cited or views attributed, as well as a bibliography. It should also be word-processed. In the treatment of your chosen topic, you should strive to present your thoughts by means of a coherent and sustained argument, backed by textual evidence whenever appropriate. Click here for guidance on essay writing.

Unless a special title is agreed with your seminar tutor, the essay title should be chosen from the following list:

1. Is Rawls right to think that justice requires the two principles?

2. Is Nozick right to think that taxation is morally on a par with forced labour?

3. How attractive is Dworkin's equality of resources as an account of justice?

4. Is G.A Cohen right ot think that jsutice requries an egalitarian ethos?

5. Is the levelling down objection a decisive reason to reject telic egalitarianism?

6. ‘When it comes to distributive justice, we should be sufficientarians rather than egalitarians.’ Discuss.

7. ‘Give all citizens a modest, yet unconditional income, and let them top it up at will with income from other sources.’ (Van Parijs). How plausible is Van Parijs’s suggestion?

8. Should education aim at promoting equality, equality of opportunity or some other value?

9. Should healthcare be distributed according to Dworkin's hypothetical insurance model?