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Seminar Reading - Term 2


Reading for Seminars 

Click on the tabs for questions and reading relating to each week of the module. 

Hyperlinks to journal articles should take you to the electronic version of the article. To view the whole article click on 'PDF'. If there is a problem, try to remove the block on popups. Be patient. It can take a while to download some of the papers.

To view the full set of chapters and articles available in electronic form, click here.

Please let us know if you have difficulty accessing the electronic versions of the articles.


Notes on the Reading Lists

The reading lists are distinguished by the topics which we shall cover, but note that many of the issues and thinkers we discuss cannot be neatly compartmentalised. Consequently, you might think about how issues and positions discussed in one seminar might draw on, or have a bearing on, other issues.

For each topic there are a few questions which you should think about and some core reading. You are required to read these items as preparation for seminars.  The Core Reading is immediately followed by some suggestions for supplementary reading. It is recommended that you read some of these items. Note that the core reading relates specifically to the issues we shall discuss in seminars. For each topic there will be a range of questions and issues and we will be able to discuss only some of them in seminars. Consequently, you should think about the other questions and issues that attend the various topics and read material that is relevant to them.

Subject to legal and operational requirements, copies of all core readings are available either in the Library Short Loan Collection (SLC), Learning Grid or online. If a core reading is not available in this manner, you should consult the Subject Librarian and your module tutor.